Brazil and Uruguay in the lead and surprisingly the third country with the most income

The international tourism experienced a strong rebound in the first five months of 2022with almost 250 million international arrivals registered, which compared to 77 million arrivals registered between January and May of the previous year, means that the sector has recovered almost half (46%) of the pre-pandemic level of 2019, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer published on Monday.

«The recovery of tourism se has accelerated in many parts of the world, overcoming the challenges that stand in its way»said the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Pololikashvili, who at the same time advised caution in the face of “economic headwinds and geopolitical challenges that could affect the sector in the remainder of 2022 and beyond”.

In Argentina, according to the latest official reports, more than 2.5 million visitors from abroad entered the country during the first half of the yearwhich has already generated income of more than USD 1,301 million. Of that figure, 1.3 million were tourists; that is, they spent at least one night in Argentina.

Skiing in the hills of Patagonia, the preferred plan of foreigners in the country.

Regarding the origin of visitors, Brazil continues to be the leading market -representing 22%- while Uruguay is the second country that drives the recoverywith figures higher than the pre-pandemic. The big surprise is income from the United States, which is in third place in the ranking with 10%on a par with neighboring countries such as Chile and Paraguay.

As explained by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, the growth of receptive tourism will be enhanced during July and August under the snow season. In this sense, Minister Matías Lammens had assured that the National Government expects the arrival of more than a million visitors from abroad during the winter when presenting the tourism promotion strategy at the beginning of June.

Since Uruguay maintain that the demand by air, land or river for Argentina does not stop growing. ”There were packages for US$99, including the boat ticket and one night’s accommodation, for example. There were also more sophisticated offers -between US$190 and US$240- that included the direct ship from port to port and three nights of accommodation”, assured Carlos Pera, president of the Uruguayan Association of Travel Agencies (Audavi).

This year many Brazilians came to El Bolsón, to ski the Perito Moreno hill.

According to the businessman and industry leader, the “vedette” destination on these vacations was Argentina, since there were approximately 180,00 Uruguayan tourists on July vacations who took advantage of the exchange rate difference with Argentina to book travel packages.

Origin of receptive tourism during 2022:

Bordering countries account for the largest number of visitors, however The United States registers a high percentage in the ranking:

1) Brazil 22%

2) Uruguay 16.5%

3) USA 10%

4) Chile 10%

5) Paraguay 10%

6) Spain 4.7%

7) Bolivia 3.9%

8) France 2.5%

9) Peru 2.5%

10) Colombia 2.4%

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