Brenda Asnicar traveled to the Amazon: ecological mission, spiritual healing and an extreme experience with worms

The actress and singer is traveling in the largest tropical forest in the world and compiled some of her experiences

a couple of days ago Brenda Asnicar shared with his followers some postcards of his trip to the Amazon. The actress and singer told that she fulfilled her dream of knowing the Amazon region of the Republic of Ecuador, and she was able to be more than ever in contact with nature. As a travel log, she recorded several moments of her journey, and there was one specific moment that made a great impression on her: eat worms. She then shared on her Instagram account the photo album and the video where she revealed the final result of the extreme experience.

The Ecuadorian Amazonian cultures are teaching me many things. It is incredible how important nature is to us and all the knowledge that we acquire without knowing over time and today we forget where they come from, ”wrote the former Ugly Duckling in a reflective way along with an album of postcards of her adventure . “I am going to be connecting with civilizations and with sacred trees that called me to give me their message”, she added very enthusiastically.

Brenda Asnicar in the Amazon

As promised, he uploaded his memory of the “oldest tree in the Amazon” and expressed his gratitude for being part of a conservation project in the region. “I want to share with you this healing and evolutionary experience that I lived all this week surrounded by excellent human beings who have transmitted their most precious ancestral treasures to me”, he wrote with emotions on the surface for the collective effort to conserve the largest tropical forest in the world, famous for its biodiversity and fundamental lung for life on planet Earth.

In the midst of this intimate contact with nature, the actress shared an extreme moment in which she decided to try a native snack that at first glance did not seem very appetizing. She tied her hair up as if to work up the courage to touch one of the worms, though she immediately withdrew her hand with a clear gesture of shock. Little by little, she gained confidence and made friends with the bugs, who walked from one side to the other of the leaf that served as a plate. “I don’t want to kill them, I never ate something alive,” argued the actress in a last effort to avoid her bite.

Brenda Asnicar next to the oldest tree in the Amazon
Brenda Asnicar next to the oldest tree in the Amazon

Noticing her doubts, her teammates began to cheer her on as if it were the final of the world. “Argentina Argentina!”was heard in the background, while Brenda randomly selected her prey. After another failed attempt, and a scream that sounded liberating, she began to gather courage and convince herself that she was capable of doing it. “This is psychological,” she pointed out, however she let go of it again before taking it to her mouth.

The solution came with the worms already cooked and showing it in close-up to the camera. “The time has come. I’m going to do it. This is the little head, it’s open and the inside of the worm looks like this,” she explained. Then he ate it and closed with a comment that sparked laughter among his colleagues: “Not bad. I’ve eaten worse things.” He finished without giving more details, but with the joy of having passed the test. One more on a journey that is an unforgettable adventure in body and soul and that she promises to share daily with her followers.


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