Brian, Pablo Lescano’s son, broke the silence about his relationship with his father

last week in Intruders (America) made it known that Pablo Lescano has a fourth child, Brianwhom he recognized after taking a DNA test. Finally, he carried out the filiation procedures after the young man reached the age of majority.

After staying away from the media, because he was undergoing rehabilitation treatment for addictions, Brian spoke this Monday with the program hosted by Florencia de la V. In the interview, he assured that his father had always known of his existence, and that even up to the age of four he had contact with him.

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After being released from the rehabilitation center where he was, the 21-year-old reported that he lost contact with Pablo Lescano when i was a kid. It was when he turned 18 that he decided to demand that the musician recognized him as his son in front of Justice.

Pablo Lescano with two of his four children: Tomás and Mara (Photo: Instagram/pablitolescanook).

According to him, although he lost contact with his father, his paternal grandmother, his aunt and his sister Bianca yes tried to establish a bond with him. However, he explained that the artist’s environment always made it difficult to accept him in the family.

Brian, the son of Pablo Lescano, was hopeful of rebuilding the link

It was in 2019 when Brian, at the request of Pablo Lescano, underwent a DNA test that came back positive. Although the result spoke for itself, they must have pressured the singer to carry out the affiliation.

Since I was four years old I didn’t see him anymore and I went on with my lifewith the absence of my biological father, and with the paternal image of my mother’s partner”, Brian recounted when the host of the cycle asked him about his childhood and adolescence without his father.

Pablo Lescano with Bianca, his eldest daughter (Photo: Instagram/pablitolescanook).
Pablo Lescano with Bianca, his eldest daughter (Photo: Instagram/pablitolescanook).

In addition, he recalled Pablo’s visits when he was little: “When I was younger, I used to see Pablo. we had a good relationship. He invited me to the house. I met my grandmother and my aunt. Over time, I stopped seeing him”.

During the interview, Brian said that on several occasions he wanted to establish a relationship with his father, but without success. “I had to understand and accept the situation that I had to live”, expressed the young man who plays the keyboard, like his father.

I wish I had answers from the other side. Know what happened. Why did I go so many years without seeing him, ”Brian closed, hoping to find out a little more about his father and the decision to get away from him.

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