brief courtship, controversies and super family

Eliana Guercio and Sergio Chiquito Romero make up one of the most beloved couples in the world. Although at first few bet on the couple, both are together 14 years ago where they built a large family with 4 children.

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Eliana Guercio and Sergio Romero met in 2008 in a bowling alley in Comodoro Rivadavia where she had gone to make a presence. He stood out as a goalkeeper in the U-20 National Team.

After his time at Racing, Romero had achieved a contract with Az Alkmaar from the Netherlands. Guercioin the meantime, She was a model and a star and had participated in reality shows Dancing and Skating for a dream. It was also part of the successful play The Champagne puts them Mimosasby Gerardo Sofovich.

In the bowling both felt an immediate crush. They got engaged but the couple was criticized due to the age difference. She was 31 years old, he was 21. They both turned a deaf ear and Eliana decided to give up the play The party at the Lake to go live with the footballer.


They had not completed a year of dating and had already married in the Civil Registry of Lanús. After saying yes, Guercio stated that “this is the birth of my familysomething much more important than my professional career.”

After your marriage, the couple moved to Europe and passed through several countries of that continent due to the constant changes of club for Chiquito Romerosought after by plus size teams.

Since then they settled in Europe for the changes of Chiquito clubs: were in the Netherlands, Italythe Principality of Monaco, England and Venice as last experience.

Two years after starting their romance, their first daughter was born. of the couple called Jasmine. in 2012 Chloe arrived and 4 years later Meghan. In February 2022 the family was extended with the arrival of the first man named Luca Gael.


During the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, Sergio Romero defended the colors of the Argentine National Team with brilliant saves. In the semi-final against the Netherlands, the game had ended 0-0 and it was time for penalties.

Chiquito became a giant by saving two penalties and send the National Team to the grand final against Germany. Not only were the fans overwhelmed by Romero’s performance, but also Rihanna, one of the best-known singers, echoed the party.

In social networks, the artist from Barbados commented that “Romero is on point”. Surprised by the compliments to her husband, Eliana joked that “If we come out champions, I’ll lend it to you for a week”.

In an interview in 2014, Eliana also said that “well, She’s not the only girl who likes my husband’s hottie either.. I share: a lot of us move the shelf. There is trust.”

True to his style, Guercio revealed that “Rihanna is right, Sergio is about. That Rihanna has praised my husband, I love it. She is very right Sergio is ready, he is beautiful inside and out. And besides, he is an excellent father. I thank God for the family we form together.”

“Rihanna is right, Sergio is ready. That Rihanna has praised my husband, I love it. She is very right, Sergio is ready, he is beautiful inside and out. And besides, he is an excellent father”

But after that Chicana, Guercio declared that “when I googled and saw that there were more photos of her with him than of me with him, I didn’t like it that much. The worst of all is that ever since she appeared she told him ‘look at this black woman, her lomazo she has’, he didn’t like her that much but later he told me ‘she’s pretty’. Now I want to kill myself”.

Regarding negative comments that Romero received in the world final against Germany, the star was forceful and opined that “The critics that Sergio received were harshbut he fortified him and made him work a lotwith more desire. They are all very happy, he takes it very naturally, it is zero revenge, he is very good peopleI would be different.”


After passing through Venice, Chiquito Romero will save in Boca at the age of 35 cast generated the return of Eliana Guercio to Argentina after a long time. Although the news of being a reinforcement of the Xeneize caused anger in Racing, the model turned to their social networks to disprove information.

At a press conference, the goalkeeper pointed out that “we are all very passionate, but this is a job and I have to work. I have family and children. It was an important step in my career to have continuity and it is very difficult to say no to Boca. If Racing had called me, I would also have said yes, but that proposal never came. They will know where they have to go to ring the bell.”

However, Eliana posted a story on her Instagram account where she said that “!Enough of lies! Proposals to come to Racing: ZERO. Yes, gentlemen, 0 (zero) in 15 years. That’s the truth”.

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