Bus stop today: the tricks to beat it and travel without problems

The announcement about a new night bus stop generated that many people have to change their plans in order to get to their homes correctly without paying a large amount of money in taxis.

And to achieve it, In many cases, they choose to use transport applications that help devise the best route.as well as the best options available to reach the destination.

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With this in mind, We bring the three most effective applications to travel by bus despite the night stoppage (from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.) that will take place this Tuesday, August 23.

Bus stop: how Google Maps works

First of all it is google maps, the most used application in the world when it comes to moving from one place to another. But while it is extremely popular, it has several features that are not well known to its users..

Google Maps is one of the most used map applications in the world.

Specifically, there are two functions that people do not usually know about and are usually ideal for getting around the city in the best way:

  1. Augmented Reality Map (AR): Allows you to use the camera to see in real view how the road to follow should be and where the bus stops are.
  2. Alternative routes: Many times Google does not show the fastest route (or in many others you go through an unsafe area), so it is possible to select an alternative route that takes practically the same time but takes another path.

Stop of collectives: how it works Moovit

The second application on the list is Moovita platform similar to google maps but that stands out for using another search system more focused on public transport.

Moovit is also a popular app in Argentina.

That means it counts punctually where the stops are, the exact value of the fares, the complete routes, names of the routes and -in some cases- real-time tracking of the vehicles.

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Bus stoppage: how it works when I go up

Finally this when I go up, an application created by the Government that allows you to see in real time the route of the groups, as well as the location of the stops and the cost of the tickets.

When SUBO is ideal for traveling during the collective strike.

At the same time, It has a reminder system that sends you an alarm when there is little time left for the bus in question to pass, so it allows you to better manage time when traveling around the city.

Before concluding, it is important to clarify that the three applications are available for both cell phones Android (in the Google Play Store) as iOS (in the style of the App Store). It is always advisable to download this type of app through official means and avoid installations through third parties.

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