By mistake, paid millions to a woman and she bought a mansion

Finding an old bill in a coat is good luck. Finding money on the street is even better luck. But walking into the bank account and seeing $7.2 million is probably the best luck in the world. That happened to Thevamanogari Manivel, an Australian who was due a refund of 100 Australian dollars on, but the platform transferred 10.5 million Australian dollars to her.

neither slow nor lazy, Mannivel took advantage of the gift and divided it with six peopleincluding his mother and sister. Most of the money she kept, and she used it to buy a luxurious mansion in Melbourne and give it to his sister.

There are many cases where people receive a large amount of money by mistake and, by paying it back, make the news for their honesty and sometimes even get a reward. This was not the case with Mannivel: his good luck turned into a very bad decision, because now a judge in Australia ordered the mansion to be sold and the people to return the money to plus court costs.

10 million surprise

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In May 2021, Mannivel had a credit balance of 100 Australian dollars ($68) in your account. The platform returned the money and forgot about it. Seven months later, a routine audit found the error: instead of reimbursing 100 Australian dollars, 10,474,143 million were transferred to Mannivel’s account. An employee mistook the amount for an account number. How could it be that no one had noticed?

The mansion that Mannivel bought (BarryPlant)

The first thing was to see what the woman had done, and why she had not returned the money or reported the situation. Mannivel split the money with six people, using some of the money to buy a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house in Melbourne as a gift to her sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory, according to court documents. How much pay? A modest 1.35 million Australian dollars.

The mansion, located about 30 kilometers north of Melbourne, has more than 540 square meters of land and has a private cinema, a gym and parking for two carsaccording to the Australian website

In the end it was bad luck sued Manivel and the six others who received the money. Now, almost a year and a half after the mistake, the company won a court dispute that ordered the defendants to return all the money Y cover the legal expenses incurred, plus 10% interestwhich amounts to 27,369.64 Australian dollars.

“Remarkably, the plaintiffs supposedly they didn’t realize this significant error until about 7 months laterat the end of December 2021,” the court said in its ruling. In February, after investigating what happened, the company tried to place a freezing order on Mannivel’s accounts to recover the full amount, according to the background of the case released by the Court.

However, presented evidence showing that Manivel already had transferred most of the money to an account held jointly with another defendantthat he may have had a “romantic relationship” with Manivel, according to evidence heard by the court that cited the Washington Post.

The house he bought even had a private cinema

The warning has attracted international attention, particularly since it became known that took seven months to realize the mistake. Katie Gregory, a spokeswoman for, wrote that the company could not comment “since the matter is before the courts“.

Gangadory, Manivel’s sister, was the most affected by the sentence because she had a large part of the fortune and property in her name. The woman can appeal, but must provide “a good reason for not submitting documentsa valid defense of the case and give reasons why the court should not have passed judgment” against him, according to the Victoria County Court.

The next court date is October 7, when the judge will establish the next steps in the case in what is known as an “instructional hearing.”

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