Calu Rivero’s profound message after hearing the news of her pregnancy

Calu Rivero is expecting her first child with Aíto de la Rúa

Since it was known that Calu Rivero and Aíto de la Rúa are expecting their first child together, the couple receives a wave of congratulations on their respective Instagram accounts. Although they cultivate a low profile, the actress was moved by the warm messages from her followers and wanted to extend his gratitude with a post. After telling his family in his native Catamarca the happy news, she showed his joy on social networks.

“Kairos, thank you” expressed in the caption of a photo where she is seen with a huge smile, the sun’s rays entering behind her and her torso naked. She also added an emoji of luminous flashes, as a symbol of the magical moment that she is experiencing. The word she chose to accompany her thanks is not accidental either: Kairós is a concept that comes from Greek mythology, and is closely related to qualitative time, instead of chronological.

The literal meaning is “period of time other than the usual time”, and represents when something important happens at the right or opportune moment. It should be remembered that during an interview with María Laura Santillán in Infobae, Dignity -the name she adopted- had explained that she did not rule out becoming a mother in the future, but that she did not feel the pressure of the biological clock on her shoulders either, projecting confidence in the future. Months later, she would meet again with whom she was her partner in 2008, and they would give each other a new opportunity in love.

Calu Rivero's post to thank the congratulations on the pregnancy
Calu Rivero’s post to thank the congratulations on the pregnancy

With more than 13,000 pleasuresusers left many compliments in the comments and several colleagues reacted with tenderness. Rocío Irgazabal wrote to him: “Congratulations beautiful! celebrating you”while María Carámbula stated: “Shining chaina of my heart”. The panelist Estefi Berardi – who was the one who announced the sweet wait in LAM – also said present with another compliment: “How beautiful you are.” There was no lack of those who told her that she is “radiant” and “luminous” because of the expression of happiness that she transmits on her face.

Another of the changes in the artist’s Instagram was her profile picture: now she uses the only photo where she is seen with her boyfriend, walking backwards into the sunset. Undoubtedly, the new stage has them with enthusiasm and emotions on the surface, in addition to knowing each other for more than thirteen years, when they had a passionate romance that resonated in the media world.

The postcard that Calu Rivero shared with his partner, and the same one that he chose as a profile photo for his Instagram
The postcard that Calu Rivero shared with his partner, and the same one that he chose as a profile photo for his Instagram

“We pamper each other, we seduce each other, we kiss. Ours is like that, it doesn’t need an explanation. We are period”Calu sentenced at 21 years old. By then she had already put herself in the shoes of Emma Taylor, the leader of the Divine in fiction Ugly Ducklingand had also commissioned a French character named Juliette in Almost angels. When they had been in an intense courtship for four months, more than once they asked him if he had met his sister-in-law, nothing more and nothing less than Shakirawho was in a relationship with Antonio de la Rúa. “I don’t know her, but why not meet her? I admire her as a singer, as I do with all the women who reach such heights thanks to their talent and vocation”answered. Due to the secrecy that characterized them, the couple dissolved away from the media flashes and the reasons did not transcend.

In April 2021, photos of Calu embracing Aíto on the Uruguayan beaches of San Ignacio, on a walk at sunset. So they realized that love had resurfaced, and a year and a half later they are on their way to becoming parents for the first time.


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