Camila Homs reached an agreement with Rodrigo De Paul: why she generated controversy with her lawyer

Camila Homs Y Rodrigo DePaul They managed to reach an economic agreement, but not everything is happiness. is that now The model will be sued by her lawyer, Ignacio Trimarco, for not paying her the corresponding fees.

In a press release, the lawyer reported that his represented and the soccer player left behind the discussions around the economic compensation that corresponds to her after the separation, for the two children they have in common.

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Ignacio Trimarco targeted Camila Homs for not wanting to pay her fees. (Photo: Courtesy Trimarco)

However, the lawyer assured that, after signing the documentation and finalizing the ends of the agreement, Homs and De Paul refused to pay their professional fees.

After recounting how the events unfolded, Trimarco warned that he would initiate legal action.

The details of Ignacio Trimarco’s lawsuit against Camila Homs

“On August 2, 2022, I received a document letter from Mrs. Homs, where, in use of her constitutional right to choose her sponsoring attorney, she revokes my status as attorney and intends to annul the signed fee agreement, alleging false circumstances and showing anger at the media repercussion that his cause generated in the media”, reads the letter.

In closing, he stated that in these circumstances act legally, “executing the fee agreement signed in accordance with current legislation”.

The three specific points that Camila Homs claimed from Rodrigo De Paul in her lawsuit

Weeks ago, Trimarco had specified that “the items claimed are the economic compensation, what is this division of assets as if they were a marriage, which in this case is not because it is a convivial union, but because of the time they were together, the food regimen and the communication with children”.

Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs were a couple for a decade and have two children together.  (Photo: Instagram)
Rodrigo De Paul and Camila Homs were a couple for a decade and have two children together. (Photo: Instagram)

In addition, he had advanced that they would do an accounting expertise on the soccer player’s earnings and assets “so that income, expenses, assets registered in Argentina and abroad, accounts in Switzerland and others are analyzed.”

As for the money claimed by the model, he had explained: “In the lawsuit we go for 50% of everything the couple has earned during the time the coexistence lasted because we understand that this economic compensation is intended to equalize this inequality that had between the man and the woman when the woman takes care of the children and the man works. We are going for 50% of everything the couple has won during the course of it”.

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