Cande Ruggeri revealed that she argues with her boyfriend because he does not want her to do an Instagram to her daughter

Cande Ruggieri answered questions about her pregnancy (Instagram)

From the precise moment in which his father “let slip” the news that he was going to be a grandfather, cande ruggeri She does nothing but talk about her pregnancy. the daughter of pigheaded She is in the fourth month of her pregnancy. And, in recent weeks, your account Instagram was plagued by posts and comments related to the baby she is expecting with her boyfriend, Nicholas Maccarifor the month of January.

Without going any further, days ago the model decided to answer some of the questions of her followers. And she was surprised to admit that, although she is eager to show the little girl on social networks as if she were The Lion KingHe still could not agree with his partner about it. “I think that at this point they know everything about me, because I always try to show myself as I am with my family. So I think so, “she said in front of the consultation that she was going to make the girl known when she was born. However, she later confessed: “It is a discussion that I have with Nico, because I want to do an Instagram now and he does not”.

On the video in which he gave this answer, Cande wrote: “They are really very important to me. I love sharing my life and that you give me so much love through your messages, I swear that I always try to answer the direct messages that I can. And yes, I will surely show it”. In addition, he put an emojie of a chick, which is what she calls her daughter on the way.

Cande Ruggeri and Nicolás Maccari are expecting a girl (Instagram)

The daughter of Oscar Ruggeri She also told how she felt in these first months of pregnancy. “Luckily I’m pretty good. When the three months were up I no longer had nausea, which I had from time to time. She also had a little disgust with some smells or foods. But I had a pretty good time,” she said. She though she acknowledged that she is sleepy and that she is much more sensitive.

Then, in front of someone who asked him if he was not exaggerating much with the pregnancy, Cande was final: “I don’t care or I’m not interested. I only want and accept good energies at this important moment. I’m going to upload everything I feel and want. I recommend that you do the same! It is beautiful to be faithful to what one thinks.”

On the other hand, the model was honest about whether she was afraid of gaining weight during these months. “The truth is, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m going to have a healthy pregnancy anyway. I want my chick to be fine, that she is feeding well. I’m going to exercise and I’m going to eat healthybut it scares me a little,” he said.

Y clarified why they had not yet decided who will be the baby’s godparents on my way. “It is an issue because I have many sisters, Nico has one. And I have a lot of people I love. My idea was that the godmothers compete in a game and that the best one is chosen, ”she said jokingly.

Days ago, Cande had been completely excited to see her daughter’s face through an ultrasound. “He wouldn’t stop moving! She came out like her mother, restless. But what a beautiful moment, they don’t understand how beautiful it is. She moved her feet and hands and at one point she said hello, ”said the model on her way back to her house.


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