Carlos Alcaraz unseats Rafa Nadal as favorite to travel in BlaBlaCar

ride sharing platform Blablacar publishes a new edition of its survey ‘Who would you do a BlaBlaCar with?’in which it has asked its users in the Region of Murcia who they would choose if they had the opportunity to share a car with some of the most renowned people in the political, social or entertainment fields.

In this new edition of the survey, Murcian users have elected with almost 6% of the votes the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchezto share a trip with the leader of the opposition, Alberto Ñúnez Feijóo (0.5%). Though, the clear winner is Murcian tennis player Carlos Alcaraz. With 21% of the votes, it is placed at number 1 of those preferred by users of the Murcia Region of BlaBlaCar, displacing the international artist Rosalía (16%), who is relegated to third position, behind Rafa Nadal (17%).

BlaBlaCar is recognized for representing a conversation space by nature. In fact, 9 out of 10 users believe that it is an ideal means of shortening distances and bringing postures closer together. The average distance covered by the Aragonese in BlaBlaCar is 215 kilometers each way, which means almost 2 hours to meet, debate and empathize while sharing a trip. In fact, a 30% of those surveyed at the national level have chosen the couple of Shakira and Piqué to travel with them and try to come to understanding. After the singer and the soccer player, in second position with 20%, are the rappers Residente and J Balvin, and in third place, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo (19%). ).

What would the users of the Region of Murcia talk about on those trips?

The preferred topics to deal with by users in the Region of Murcia are music (35%), gossip (32%) and sports (29%). In addition, at the national level, almost 50% of those surveyed would also talk to them about tourist and gastronomic recommendations, their towns and childhood anecdotes (45%) and culture (42%).

With which athletes, comedians and actors would BlaBlaCar users share a trip?

At a national level, this year, the favorite Spanish athlete chosen by users to share a trip on BlaBlaCar is the veteran Betis player, Joaquín, who appears for the first time among the favorites of travelers, unseating Rafael Nadal Y Fernando Alonsowho repeat another year in the top 3 of the athletes with whom to share a trip. However, the tennis player Carlos Alcazar has burst onto the scene with force, being the favorite of users in the Region of Murcia ahead of Rafa Nadal.

In the field of humour, Daniel Rovirarenowned comedian and actor from Malaga, repeats again at number 1 on the podium to share a trip in BlaBlaCar and do tourism in Spain. Next to him, the presenter and comedian, David Broncano, once again occupies the second position and Ernesto Sevilla slips into number 3, overtaking Paz Padilla, who occupied that position last year.

At the cultural level, the favorite actors and actresses to travel by shared car at the national level, the first positions are occupied by Mario Casas, who is also chosen as the second option among all the categories, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and the actress Blanca Suárez. The rest of the user votes placed one of the most international Spanish actors, the Andalusian Antonio Banderas, in fourth place and Maxi Iglesias in fifth place. However, the favorite by users in the Region of Murcia in this category is the writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte (11%) compared to Mario Casas (9%)

Rosalia, Aitana and Pablo Alboran They are the most voted in the Spanish music industry, a category in which the mediatic singer Omar Montes also appears, occupying fourth place and Alejandro Sanz, in fifth position.

Online entertainment has been gaining relevance in our country among the youngest for years. This year, BlaBlaCar users have chosen Ibai Llanos as their favorite Internet celebrity with whom they would share a trip and experience. Followed by the content creator and tik toker, Peldanyos, who occupies the second position, and IlloJuan, the well-known youtuber malagueño, which is in third place.

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