Carlos Perciavalle revealed that he chatted with Susana Giménez after the diva was surprised by his greeting

Carlos Perciavalle’s response to Susana Giménez’s comment (Video: Intruders)

Is that about Carlitos Perciavalle new? He said it now? (…) What I just heard gave me a lot of tenderness. I was speechless because I thought he was angry with me too.”said Susana Gimenez on the verge of tears after having seen a message that carlos perciavalle He left the diva in a tribute they did to him on a Uruguayan television program.

Thus, the word of the comedian became highly requested in the last hours and this Monday afternoon he spoke with intruders (America) from Uruguay, where he has lived for a few years. “I was very moved by what she said. I always loved Susana very much, I never got mad at her, never. But hey, it’s those things that happen: I admit that when I was younger, sometimes I would get on a wheelbarrow and say things that were a little out of place. I would never do it today,” he said. Charlie Brown about.

“But it’s nothing. Because immediately everyone began to invent, that he had lent me money to help me at home, that I criticized his body, that he said he had a lot of hips… No, it was never anything personal. There was never money, there was never a reproach. It was a nonsense, something that can happen between two close friends. I met Susana when she married mario sarrabayrouse”, He added next to clear all kinds of speculation.

“I recognize that when I was younger, I would get on a wheelbarrow and say things that were a little out of place. Today I would never do it,” said Carlos Perciavalle about his fight with Susana Giménez

“It was for something private, it was nothing public,” said Perciavalle to add context to what happened between the two and that distanced him from the diva. “They said it had to do with the monologues that you did with anthony (gaseous), many speculated with that”, he limited V flowerprogram host. “No no no. It was in a moment of waiting, in a recording. A silly comment that I would never do or repeat. Because I saw Susana again after her, several times, ”said Perciavalle.

Also, Carlos remembered a time when he spoke with the diva and this fight came to the surface. “We met at the wedding of (sergi) Pugliathat people were piling us up and they locked us in a room. And Susana tells me: ‘Oh, Carlitos, how’s she doing?’ And after a while she tells me: ‘But weren’t you and I fighting?’ And I say: ‘No’. ‘I don’t remember why, but we were fighting’, she tells me again. And I: ‘No, I don’t remember’. ‘Well, it doesn’t matter, here we are’”, she said when recreating that dialogue.

“That’s why when they made me the suggestion to record for Susana, I said: ‘Delighted’. I love her, I adore her, I have a photo of her at her house … ”, she added later when she told why she decided to participate in the tribute to Giménez. And she also said that he had a dialogue with the diva after these twists and turns were triggered. “We spoke on the phone and it was very nice. And we’re going to see each other. It’s been so many years, you know? I am already 81, Susana is much younger than me. If at 81 you still have nonsense or believe in nonsense, you’re fried”, closed Perciavalle.

The greeting that left Susana Giménez “mute”: “We were fighting!”

During a segment of the program Smile of Channel 10 broadcast in recent days, Susana Giménez was honored for her career and received a recorded message from Carlos Perciavalle. Thus, different personalities from the show sent him a message of affection, such as Sebastián Yatra, Antonio Grimau, Marley and Mirko, the “Black” González Gold, Julio Bocca, Ismael Cala and where too the Uruguayan artist appeared.

“The most divine, the cutest, the best person and above all the best actress that we have left in the southern hemisphere. I send you a big kiss. I love you so much,” Perciavalle said. After the clip, Giménez was surprised by the artist’s participation in the video-tribute. And when she was asked about the reason for the fight, Susana was evasive. “He went too far and I got hot and told him: ‘You’re going to… Why do you always have to talk about me to be funny, say ugly things?’ And there I was offended forever. Now that I see him, he gave me a lot of tenderness, because he loved him very much, we were very good friends, and he believed in me a lot. He offered me to do Woman of the Year, which changed my career,” he said.


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