Carmen Barbieri made Tusam cry live after undergoing regression therapy

Tusam subjected Carmen Barbieria to regression therapy

Two months after the remembered hypnosis therapy to which he underwent carmen barbieri with John Milton, the jury of The 8 million steps now made a regression therapy, by the hand of Tusam and in the study of very morning An energy so strong was experienced that not only was she moved, but so was the mentalist, who, thanks to a connection with the driver, could not help but remember his father.

“On the count of three I want you to open your eyes and that the first image you see is your closed fist,” said Tusam to end the process during which Carmen traveled through her past and continued calmly: “You breathe profanely through your nose one , you exhale. You breathe deeply through nose two, exhale. You breathe three, steady. That confidence and security in this image, in this symbol”.

When leaving the process the driver was full of tears: “Wow, it’s terrible because I went to a place… let’s see if I can talk, I haven’t told for a long time, what happened when I was five years old. I don’t know if they know who Pedro Quartucci was, a friend of my dad’s who had a terrible scare. You got me there. Conscious but you made me travel ”.

It was then that he explained that in this type of therapy one does not fall asleep but “navega”: “This is for traveling and reconnecting with oneself”. At that moment the driver observed the eyes of her guest: “Why do you have them with tears?”. Though she tried, in the midst of her excitement, he couldn’t speak. Seconds later she continued: “You’re excited too, I don’t know why.”

“I connected when, when you remembered your old man”, expressed and she added: “When I remembered my dad, you remembered yours, can this happen when you do these things?” Tusam confessed that this was the first time. “When one has such a strong relationship of admiration, I love that boy so much, for me you are a boy, I knew him when he was little, he loved your father and I thank you.”

“If it’s the first time it’s happened to you, they surely pick it up and laugh, I accept it, it’s a show, but what just happened to us is not a show,” Barbieri sentenced before sending a cut and reminding the mentalist how much he loved him.

In therapy, Carmen had talked about her father, Alfredo Barbieri: “My dad is behind the door in a light suit and he takes me to a huge table where my whole family is, my grandmother, my mom, my aunts. .. It is a house with a patio. I am 11, 12 years oldyes And my dad makes me like this (he puts a finger to his mouth), that he shut me up… How clear I see it! He’s happy”, and then he remembered the moment to which he later referred to when he woke up: “I am 5 years old, I am in a zoo with my parents and with Pica, who was my father’s assistant, in front of a gorilla cage, I got a tremendous scare. hit, and they are very scared because there is a man, Peter Quartucci, an actor friend of my dad and the gorilla almost ripped his arm off playing. It was a terrible moment, I did not remember this, now I am living it”.

In June, also on the air, the driver had been hypothesized by the Mexican mentalist John Milton. “Wow, I’m dizzy. I feel totally light. I feel as if I had taken a bottle of clonazepam. I’m fine, but weird. When we started to breathe, I felt like I was going to pass out. I had to slow down my breathing, tremendous, ”she had expressed at the time.


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