Categorical rejection of the Government to the British contest that grants trips to Malvinas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of santiago cafierostated in the text that “Clearly it is an activity that only seeks to reflect the British occupation of the Malvinas Islands, an illegal situation that the Argentine Republic has permanently and unwaveringly protested since 1833.”

“The Argentine Government once again reaffirms its sovereignty over the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces that form an integral part of the Argentine Republic and invites the United Kingdom to comply with the United Nations mandate of resume negotiations in order to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the sovereignty dispute,” the statement added.

To call

The announcement of the embassy of the United Kingdom was known this weekend through Instagram, when in its official account it published this message: “If you speak English and are a student at a university in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Uruguay, this opportunity exchange is for you!”.

The invitation contains a brochure in English, in which the call is presented as a “university competition” and explains that “four participants will be awarded, one student from Argentina, one from Brazil, one from Chile and one from Uruguay.”

According to the call, those interested “must make a video of up to one minute in English, answering the question: Why would I like to meet my neighbors in the Falkland Islands?”, as the British-occupied islands are called in English, and adds that the students “with the best videos will win a trip to the Islands, where they will spend a week in the home of a local family, learning about the history, culture and society of the Falkland Islands.

Among the requirements, they ask for “advanced level of English” and “to have a valid Argentinian/Brazilian/Chilean/Uruguayan passport”.

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The convocation of the British embassy was also repudiated by the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and the South Atlantic, William Carmonawho, in statements to Télam, considered that it is “an absolutely unnecessary provocation.”

“This is worth repudiating, because it is an improper action,” Carmona described and assured that the secretariat “generated discomfort because unfortunately there is a history of this situation.”

The official explained that it is a methodology that “it repeats itself and that it has already been rejected by Argentina” and recalled that in other years “the same thing happened and on that occasion the councils of the different universities spoke out against it, as did the provinces of Tierra del Fuego.”

In September 2018, the British embassy had called for a similar contest, under the same slogan, a fact that was opportunely repudiated by the country’s higher education institutions.

Carmona recalled that Argentina “to meet the interests of the islanders, launched scholarships for them to come to study here to achieve effective integration, but they were later made impossible because there were no flights.”

On the other hand, the secretary also considered “improper” that the invitation be made in conjunction with “the illegitimate island government, by virtue of the fact that they are de facto authorities that Argentina does not recognize.”

For his part, the director of the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands Museum, Edgardo EstebanHe also joined the repudiation, told Télam that the act is “repudiable” and constitutes “part of the colonialist policy of the United Kingdom.”

“It’s not the first time they’ve done it, four or five years ago, former ambassador Mark Kent also proposed something similar and unfortunately students from public universities signed up. For us it was a matter of handing over sovereignty that hurts,” Stephen pointed out.

In addition, he recalled that a group of ex-combatants made an agreement with the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA in its language laboratory, “to be able to offer the inhabitants of the islands who come to study language here, not only Spanish, but languages usually”.

About the contest launched today, Esteban said that “it is part of that policy that the British have both in Argentina and in the region of imposing this situation of colonialism that hurts and hurts.”

“This is being done where the largest base in the Southern Hemisphere is located, where they are building a deep-water port, and they are doing so, already looking at what the dispute over Antarctica means and the largest reserve of drinking water there is. on the planet,” he concluded.


The initiative was also repudiated by the Malvinas Islands Ex-Combatants Center (Cecim) of La Plata, which in a statement stated that “once again the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland offends Argentines, calling from its Embassy university students from our country and from other sister countries in the region to participate in a contest whose prize is a trip to our Malvinas Islands”.

“This is a deliberate political action of ‘strategic culture'”, they expressed in the text and pointed out that it is a “situation that we cannot allow to be carried out by a diplomatic representation of a country that has usurped since 1833 part of our territory.”

In that sense, he recalled that “it systematically violates the resolutions of the United Nations, resolution 2065, threatens the peace of Argentina by militarizing the South Atlantic, violating resolution 41/11 that establishes the South Atlantic as a zone of Peace and Cooperation among others” .

“We request the National Government to urgently summon Ambassador Kirsty Isobel Hayes in the face of this new provocation by the UK Government that contradicts the Argentine National Constitution and violates the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,” said Cecim La Plata.

In addition, he publicly declared Ambassador Kirsty Isobel Hayes “persona non grata, understanding that her behavior as a representative of the Government of the United Kingdom offends the feelings of an entire people” that “for 189 years has claimed for its territorial integrity. We invite the political and social organizations to join the declaration”.

“We Argentines are a people of peace, but we are not a submissive people that assimilates such an outrage,” they warned in the statement titled “A British provocation that offends Argentines.”

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