Celeste Carballo, on her participation in Sing with me now: “It’s pure surrealism, I can’t even believe I’m there”

A couple of weeks ago, viewers of sing with me now the strong bet of eltrece and Marcelo Tinelli, were surprised with a new presence among the one hundred jurors, that of the singer, musician and composer Celeste Carballo. The author of “A different song”, one of the great references of rock and blues, was gaining prominence thanks to her returns, but also to her faces and her gestures when listening to the participants and she seems to be enjoying the game that the program proposes. However, in a recent interview she confessed: “I can’t believe I’m there and I don’t understand why they called me.”

“It’s pure surrealism!” He defined his presence in the cycle. And he told why he decided to accept the proposal: “Actually, they called me to stay for a week and I said to myself: ‘Well, it’s a week. Nothing happens’. I knew that most of the boys and girls who are on the jury are musical comedy singers, and I always loved them so much… I admire them a lot and they love me a lot too, for a very long time, since before I became known. , since before writing ‘It’s the life that reaches me’, even. Since all our lives, with the people who sing in musical comedy we love each other”.

“I knew they were all there and I didn’t have any itching; not at all… And I said to myself: ‘Let’s play!’ My sister, who watches the program, told me that the singers who appeared were good, and I believe my sister. I don’t watch TV, but out of bad vibes, but because I don’t have time. So, I didn’t know what the show was about. I played myself ”, she explained, in dialogue with the radio cycle Just in case.

“I went for a week and when that week is over, they call me back. ‘He sent me some!’, I thought. And no… They told me that the entire production was very happy with my presence, with my responses and my feedback. And they told me they wanted me to stay on the show. And I said: ‘Well, give it’ ”, she advanced.

About her experience on the show, she stated, “The first week was about investigating a whole new world for me, because I had never held that place on television. And the truth is that I still had a lot of fun. That’s why I stay.”

The author of “My Last Blues” also took the time to praise the participants who come to the studio night after night to compete, but also to make their art known: “The truth is that the participants sing well, they have good interpretations . I like that there are musicians on TV once and for all. Besides, people come from all over the country, with totally different styles”.

He also referred to the relationship with some of his fellow jurors. “My teammates are divine. And, furthermore, I’m getting to know people from the new generations, like Magui Olave, who is El Potro’s cousin (Rodrigo Bueno) and the polenta that that girl has, who makes a quartet, is amazing. Besides, she is re-entertained and we laugh to death. I send messages through her to her aunt Beatríz and she answers me “.

Another of the musicians with whom she gets along very well is Cristian Castro, who is located next to her in the large structure from which the 100 members of the jury listen and judge the participants. “With Cristian we didn’t know each other, so at first we didn’t even talk to each other. And we ended up being like brothers! He tells me that I am just like him. ‘You’re one of mine! You understand me!’ It’s just that he spends his time inventing things. He has fun fabulating, because he loves to play. But when it comes to giving feedback to the participants, he gets serious and says what he really feels, he is sincere. Caretism doesn’t suit me, I don’t like it. That’s why, if I felt that there was caretism, I didn’t stay. And no. All the members of the jury say what he feels and the participants all sing very well indeed, in addition to bearing the pressure of exposing themselves”.

Amused, Carballo was also encouraged to anticipate what will happen in the program, which is recorded a week in advance: “This week there will be an interesting situation with Puma Rodríguez, who rejoins the program. He put the points to Alejandro Parker! And how!”

“The truth is that I have a lot of fun. It’s like a television sitcom, but a bit tragicomic, because each character, each participant, brings the story to life. They come with their families, with their mother, their father, couples, children… There is emotion, there is laughter and there is crying, ”she explained. And he clarified: “We know that we are on TV and that there is a gear that will always exist, but in our comments we always try to make it clear that no matter how much you win a contest, or lose it, or come out third, what will primar later is how you move later, what you do with your life. It’s all part of the same package, it’s not just a matter of singing well. It’s a matter of fate, too.”

And he gave his own story as an example: “I worked in an insurance company and studied psychology… I didn’t want to sing. I got up at 5, at 7 I was at the Borda Hospital in practical classes, then I went to the office to type for 7 hours… And that was me too. The people who go to the shows, the ones who follow me on Instagram, the ones who have the records, those people know me a little better; the others know a character. There are 10 thousand Celestes Carballo!”.

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