Celia Lora shows great beauties from her trip to Ibiza

the gorgeous mexican modelCelia Lora, is living a well-deserved vacation in Ibiza, Spainthe party island, a tourist destination much visited by people from all over the world looking to have a great time and of course she couldn’t miss it.

Now that summer has arrived, she has taken her best beach outfits, as well as some very nice outfits, not to mention everything that she will surely have bought on her journey, she loves going out at night and showing off her best outfits.

The same reason that he decided to share with us a piece of entertainment in which we could see how he spent it in one of his favorite establishments in the tourist port, a restaurant where he was enjoying the drinks that he likes the most, wearing tennis shoes, a mini short in black and a blouse with a rather striking fabric that her fans fell in love with.

We can also see that the business really put some effort into putting up some lights, couches, tables, and accessories that did nothing but pretty, even for the camera that was capturing the moment.

This is how her fans quickly appreciated the content and left their “likes”, they got thousands of interactions and in the comments we can read that some of her content creator friends also congratulated her, as well as her admirers who did not stop appreciating celebrating her presence on their screens.

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Celia Lora is currently one of the most important models in her country, she has managed to get a cover in the rabbit magazine for the United States, an achievement that no one had achieved.

She is also earning quite a bit of income on her “fans only” platform. There is no doubt that her fame and popularity have helped her create her own path in the industry, as she is the daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican rock band El Tri, also has a lot of attention from those who know him.

That is why we are going to continue taking advantage of them and sharing their best moments with us, we will share a little about the context, so that you are well informed, as well as the best news in the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more.

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