Cell phones from $11,000 and accessories are auctioned off: how to participate in the auction organized by Banco Ciudad

The city ​​Bank next Thursday at 12 noon online auction of merchandise held and held for sale by the AFIP through the General Directorate of Customs. This time it is about various models and brands of new cell phones, unused, that They will go to auction with very competitive base prices.

Hay 38 lots with different options, from a lot that includes only one phone, which is a Samsung S10, with a base of $44,887, up to lots containing between two and ten phones each; being the lot with the most affordable base -$23,142- the one that contains 2 Samsung A10s phones and the one with the largest base -$235,384- the one that has 8 Samsung A70 phones. In addition, there is a lot with Xiaomi headphones. It should be noted that all are taxed at 21% VAT on the sale price and are sold without a charger.

The lots are exhibited at 555 Lamadrid Street in La Quiaca, Province of Jujuy. The withdrawal of the merchandise will be coordinated between the Customs of said locality and the buyer.

Those interested in making offers must register until today at midnight. Participation requires a security deposit of $10,000 on the lot to be acquired (amount that will be returned in full in case of not bidding or that the bid is not a winner within seven business days after the auction).

On the date and time indicated, the submission of bids will begin through the auction portal of Banco Ciudad. Bids must be made only through the auction site. Each bidder may make the number of bids it deems necessary until it is awarded or is exceeded, during the duration of the public auction. The same bidder may make more than one offer for the same good, always prevailing the one with the highest value.

All offers made are irrevocable and non-retractable. The offers cannot be annulled and/or canceled in any case, being rejected only at the moment of being surpassed by another offeror. During the procedure, the bidders will be able to observe in real time the evolution of the offers made, in amount and position. Each offer made during the bidding must exceed the previous offer, whether its own or another offeror, by an amount not less than $1,000 and not more than $10,000.

In the lots there are also headphones

The online auction has a scheduled closing time. In the event that a bid is made within the last five minutes prior to closing, the timer will add an additional three minutes to give all interested bidders the opportunity to make new bids. This closing extension procedure will be carried out by adding three minutes each time a new offer is received, until no offeror exceeds the one with the highest value.

Later, within 48 business hours after the auction (immediately upon completion, the winner receives an email with notification of the pre-awarding of the lot), You must pay 20% of the sale price as a deposit and 10% as a commission plus 21% VAT on it. Once the funds are received, the return of the guarantee deposit.

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