Chano Charpentier reappeared on social networks: the photo that excites his fans

milkfish charpentier continues to move forward with his recovery shared her first photo in almost six months. In the publication, the artist appears smiling and with a guitar in his hands. “Hello World”wrote in the post. A clear message: she feels good and wants to compose new songs.

His mother had explained last week that the artist was about to start a new stage of his treatment. “He is hospitalized in a therapeutic community and close to entering the outpatient stage “said Marina Charpentier in dialogue with Beauty and Beast (TN).

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The publication with which Chano Charpentier returned to social networks. (Photo: Instagram / chanotb)

One of the situations that most distressed the former Tan Bionica was precisely not having access to elements that were part of his daily life such as a cell phone or television. Fortunately, those restrictions are being left behind.

“A year ago my son was born again”: Chano’s mother on the incident that changed the singer’s life

Marina Charpentierthe mother of milkfish charpentierwas invited last week to Beauty and Beast (Tennessee), the series hosted by Nicolás Wiñazki and Carolina Amoroso. The interview delved into different topics, since she was on “both sides of the counter”: As a social worker from a very young age, she helped people who suffer from addictions and also experienced first-hand what it is like to have an addicted family member..

The talk then focused on what happened in the fateful morning of July 26, 2021, when a police officer shot the former leader of Tan Bionica in the stomach. “A year ago today my son was born again”held. In addition, he remarked that the artist survived because he still “has to say many things.”

Marina Charpentier was invited to “Beauty and the Beast”. (Photo: File)

Marina described what those difficult days were like when the outlook was bleak: “Going through a situation where you see a policeman a meter away shooting at your son… I didn’t even see it in a movie. You can’t even feel that, you die. Everything that happened was a nightmare. When my son goes into surgery, a doctor comes in and tells us that the situation was terrible: ‘Prepare for the worst.’ They saw the tomography and everything was wrong.”

Smiling and with guitar in hand: this was the reappearance of Chano Charpentier on social networks

“I wanted to help him, save his life. My fear was that he would die using drugs, have a stroke or convulse as had happened some time ago. I wanted to save his life and his death was almost generated”, He completed about the events of that night.

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