Chano Charpentier reappeared with happy news

Chano Charpentier had made his last post on the Instagram feed in February of this year. I mean, she was six months ago.

On the night of this Monday, the beginning of August, the singer decided to use his social network again to publish two photos of him with happy news.

the first thing you wrote Chano Charpentier was: “Hello world”, along with a heart.

Soon he began to receive messages from thousands of followers and famous friends. Among them Jey Mammon and Pelado López who left him hearts.

Then, between the comments, the singer pointed out: “Pretty news soon. Thanks for the messages. I love you all.”

As in the images he appears with a guitar, everything would indicate that the novelties would go on the music side.

milkfish charpentier

Heartbroken request for help from Marina, Chano Charpentier’s mother

The mental health of the singer Chano Charpentier has been one of the most media debates that have been generated around the life of the singer of Tan Bionica. It will be a week since the new relapse of the singer was known and today, Marina Charpentierspoke in the Senate of the Nation and exposed, from his experience, some deficiencies of the Mental Health Law 26,657.

As a mother who suffers it in her own flesh, but mainly as a spokesperson for hundreds of people who, like her, suffer and live the pain of seeing their loved ones lose themselves in addictions and depression, Marina burst into tears when talking about Chano Charpentier’s illness.

“Why do we have to be ashamed of having a sick child, with the disease of addiction? – Why should we be ashamed? There is no right, I do not understand it and I will not understand it ”, he said through tears.

Heartbreaking request for help from Marina, Chano Charpentier's mother
Marina Charpentier and Chano Charpentier.

Marina, in her capacity as spokesperson, affirms that the current law 26,657, “It is made without listening to the families, especially article 20”Chano Charpentier’s mother remarked. What does this article say? Basically, no person of legal age can be hospitalized without her consent, with, of course, some exceptions, under a complex protocol.

Marina Charpentier has a degree in Social Work and has a specialization in addictions. Currently, she is not working, but she lives with her son all the torment of any other mother. His presence in Congress was due to the fact that he seeks to promote the modification of said law and require your knowledge and experience.

Marina questioned the law and asked publicly, who defends her son, now that he is suffering from a great depression, that he is hospitalized and that if an inspector goes and questions him and if his speech is momentarily coherent, they can discharge him. Chano’s mother assured that he does not represent a danger to third parties, he represents a danger to himself.

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