Chevrolet introduced the all-electric 2024 Blazer EV

Chevrolet presented the 2024 EV Jacketfully electric, expanding the brand’s growing range of electric vehicles, making the purchase of electric vehicles more accessible and leading to Chevrolet at the heart of the growing midsize electric crossover segment.

The EV jacket is planned to debut in the middle of next year at the USA. Soon after, it will be launched in other major markets, including South America. Chevrolet’s newest electric SUV stands out with its sporty looks and innovative battery and propulsion technologies.

Various distinctive finishes, multiple range options1 (including an available range estimated by GM up to 515 km on a full charge1) and available front, rear and all-wheel drive configurations offer customers more choice and a seamless EV experience designed to complement virtually any lifestyle.

Chevrolet introduced the all-electric 2024 Blazer EV

Among the versions available will be the most emblematic of Chevroletlike the RS, focused on design, and the SS, which adds more features. It will be the first time that the brand has an electric vehicle with this differential.

2024 EV Jacket sets a new standard for electric SUVs, with intuitive options and technologies that help position Chevrolet as a leader in one of the fastest growing electric vehicle segments,” said scott bellbrand vice president “Together with the new Silverado EV arriving this fall and the Equinox EV arriving in fall 2023, we’re taking great strides to offer more zero-emissions vehicle options, which make it easier than ever to switch to an Electric Vehicle (EV).”

EV jacket it will be part of a new generation of electric vehicles that includes the Equinox EV SUV and Silverado EV pickup, each of which is currently at a different stage of development. Chevrolet currently markets models such as the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV globally.

“We are taking great strides to offer more zero-emission model options, which make the migration to an EV easier than ever,” adds the executive.

The Blazer EV is based on GM’s innovative Ultium platform, with athletic styling that elevates the heralded design established in 2018 by chevrolet jacket of gas, and performance inspired by the Camaro and Corvette.

So much so that the Blazer SS (AWD) was designed to deliver more than 560 hp of power and exceed 90 kgfm of force. That translates to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds, according to GM estimates.

“The Blazer EV SS has the soul of a true sports car,” said Bell. “And while it represents the pinnacle of performance in Chevrolet’s electric vehicle lineup, all models offer capabilities that will surprise and delight true sports car devotees.” performance”.

Other highlights of the Blazer EV include:

  • Range options up to 515 km1 estimated by GM on a full charge (depending on equipment)

  • 11.5 kW Level2 (AC) charging and up to 190 kW standard DC public fast charging capability, depending on model, adding approximately 125 km of range in 10 minutes, based on GM estimates3

  • Large, intuitive 17.7-inch customizable infotainment touchscreen6

  • Full LED exterior lighting with choreographed raise/lower animation on RS and SS models

  • Elegant, spacious and sustainable cabin, made with soft-touch materials

  • Super Cruise4 hands-free driving technology available for compatible roads

  • Advanced safety features designed to inspire confidence, such as Reverse Automatic Braking5 and Advanced Parking Assist5

The Blazer EV will be built at GM’s production plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, where the current Blazer is made.

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