Chevrolet reveals more details of the Montana truck

The Chevrolet Montana will arrive completely renovated to regain prominence in the segment of trucks that are located below the medians

By william fossati

03/08/2022 – 08:26 a.m.

Chevrolet continues to reveal details of the new Montana, a truck that will present important changes and that will seek to position itself as one of the leaders in a category that is located below the best-selling midsize trucks.

After talking about the interior and the technology, the novelty revealed by Chevrolet has to do with the engine, anticipating that it will be a high performance turbo with an electronic control unit that has up to 3 times more calibration variables.

“The New Montana is going to debut an unprecedented pick-up concept for the segment, with innovations that make it more spacious, comfortable and efficient on a day-to-day basis. One of the jobs of the engineering team is to ensure the best integration between the mechanical and electronic systems of the vehicle”, anticipated from GM.

Chevrolet Montana inside, with more space.

Chevrolet Montana inside, with more space.

This development is being carried out in the General Motors test field in Indaiatuba (SP), and little by little it is being known before its landing, which will be in 2023.

How’s the new Chevrolet Montana doing?

Other revealed details of the new montana truck They have to do with dynamics.

“Many are curious to know what has the most impact on the performance and dynamics of a pick-up: torque, weight or aerodynamics? The secret lies in the harmonization of technologies, and the end result is what matters to the consumer,” explains Silvio Mariano, a GM vehicle development engineer.

In the case of the Montana, an advanced electronic control unit allows up to 3 times more calibration variables than previous generation trucks. It means the whole works much smarter.

Chevrolet Montana, with more security.

Chevrolet Montana, with more security.

So, the new Montana will have an acceleration-to-consumption ratio above the segment average, empty or loaded, according to GM projections. This is because the model will come equipped with a standard high-performance turbocharged engine.

In this context, the future representative of Chevrolet will be, among automatic pick-ups, the champion in fuel economy, a feature that is also becoming increasingly relevant for those seeking greater comfort. Those who opt for the manual transmission version will find in the Montana the best results in the category in the measurement from 0 to 100 km/h.

new global development

The new Montana will be the next member of Chevrolet’s global vehicle family, which is already made up of the current generations of Onix, Onix Plus and Tracker, all benchmarks in their respective categories.

The future truck will also feature a innovative connectivity system, that it will be able to receive remote software updates inherent to the electronic architecture of the pick-up and native applications of the multimedia center.

In terms of construction, it stands out for the use of lighter materials and for the way the interior was made, stating that it will have “the best use of internal space in the segment.”

“Compared to the competition there is at least 20 millimeters more knee room for rear passengers, while front and rear headroom is another example of superiority. Ergonomics is another highlight of this project, which translates into a better accommodation for up to five occupants,” explains Marianni Sánchez, manager of advanced market research for GM South America, in the video.

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