Children’s Day: the sale of toys was the only one of the five gift items that was saved from the fall

(Gustavo Gavotti)

Sales for Children’s Day 2022 in SME retail stores rose, at real prices (that is, discounting inflation), by 1.6% compared to the same celebration in 2021, driven exclusively by the increase in the toy stores category that the rest of the measured sectors retracted, specified a survey by the Argentine Chamber of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME).

The entity pointed out that “the lower purchasing power of the people was also noted, but also the problems of profitability of the businesses at the time of making promotions, which were scarcer than other years.”

The sales ticket averaged $5,367 and a strong purchase orientation towards cheap products was noted. In turn, only 52% of the premises surveyed carried out some promotion, against 62.6% who had done so in 2021. The most repeated facilities were discounts for payment in cash and special prices for products in liquidation. The bonuses with some cards were scarcer, as were the installments without interest, which in some areas and cities, CAME pointed out, “were almost nonexistent.”

The survey covered 338 stores in the country, including CABA and Greater Buenos Aires and the only one of the 5 surveyed sectors that sold more this year than last year was a toy store, with an annual increase of 10.4%; everyone else lost out in the comparison. the one that more, Clothing and Accessories, had sales 6.9% lower than in 2021. The outlook by sector was as follows:

-Shoes: Sales fell 5.9% in the year-on-year comparison. 45.3% of the businesses measured sold “less than expected” and purchases were made mostly with cards and in installments; families were even willing to pay interest, but defer payments. There were few promotions, given the tight margins of the stores. Among those who did, the discounts for payment in cash or 2×1 and 3×2 in liquidation products dominated. The average ticket per purchase was $6,263.

in the category "Clothing and Footwear" sales fell 6.9% in real terms
In the “Clothing and Footwear” category, sales fell 6.9% in real terms

-Audio and video equipment, cell phones and accessories: Although it is an item that continues to gain share, sales declined 2 percent. There were few promotions (only half of the businesses in the category promoted them, perhaps for fear of running out of imported products of uncertain replacement. The average ticket was 6,040 pesos.

-Clothes and accessories: Sales decreased 6.9% and the average ticket was $5,161. Cheap products came out more, making a difference with other years, where quality and dimension of the gift were prioritized. 60% of the entrepreneurs surveyed made some promotion to boost their sales.

-Toy shop and rolled: It was the only item whose sales increased (10.4%) compared to the same event in 2021. Promotions and celebrations in many cities helped to “generate enthusiasm”, such as public shows for children already from Friday in pedestrians and commercial areas of different neighborhoods. . The ticket averaged $5,554 and 51.5% of the shops consulted sold the same or better than last year.

-Bookstores: Sales fell 4.6% in real terms and the average ticket collected was 2,786 pesos. 42.4% of the businesses surveyed considered the date “worse than expected” and 43% “the same”. Here there were fewer supply problems, as it is an item in which imports have less impacta. Almost all the promotions that were made in bookstores were discounts with cards from certain banks, up to 40%, and interest-free installments.


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