Chilean Tiktoker who showed a 12-hour bus trip with children accuses criticism: he pointed to childophobia | Society

The user of the social network assured that she even received “violent comments as if she had had to travel with me and the children would have saved me.” The mother called her to empathize with the children who act according to her age.

A Chilean tiktoker ended up going viral after she shared a record of her journey when traveling for 12 hours on a bus with her two children under 5 years of age. However, hours later, he realized the multiple criticisms that his videos with the little ones received, accusing different users of being “child-phobic”.

Initially the user, called I love Leturia, He published a short video where he described that “this is 12 hours on the bus with two children under 5 years old.” “They were so excited that they couldn’t stop playing, jumping, running”describes while showing the little ones moving and jumping in different seats of the vehicle. He further explained that there were no passengers at those posts.

He also assured that, despite his attempts to make them sleep, “they continued and continued jumping.” This is how he described the journey for an hour, including a trip to the bathroom.

“Already back, finally, a yawn. And we fell asleep, fooling around. We slept all night and woke up to this beautiful day already in the south of Chile with a view of Lake Llanquihue”, he described.

In the middle of the story, the young mother even showed another traveler in the transport, assuring that he hoped “not to have broken your dream of becoming a father one day”.

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The criticism that the user had after a 12-hour trip with her children

Two days later, the woman spoke in a new video, there, she referred to the criticism she received for the records of her journey, as well as the fact that they tried to throw her out of a restaurant just for being with her childrenwriting in the video “Childophobia Alert”

“I was having lunch with my husband and my one and a half year old son. He was in his bus seat eating a roll, singing, maybe yelling, just like a one and a half year old behaves”he recounted, to which a waiter approached to ask him to change tables for disturbing another diner.

The gentleman next door resented my son’s presence. I replied that he would please tell the gentleman to leave, because his presence bothered me, ”said the woman, to which the worker assured that this would be a lack of respect for the man.

“But telling me, wouldn’t it be disrespectful to this one-year-old person?” he questioned. “Why do we respect adults more than children?”he added.

It was thus that he remembered his previous registration, assuring that It has “almost three thousand comments making me a bag (criticizing it)”. Among the reactions, he highlights, “they tell me that I should control my children more, as if they had a remote control.”

Likewise, Leturia assures that they even advised him to medicate his children before traveling by bus or give devices such as tablets and phones. Similarly, he denounced “violent comments like this, that if he had had to travel with me and the children he would have saved me.”

In that he made a new allusion to his trip, acknowledging that “the first hour was crazy.” Although he pointed out that in all the places where the little ones played there were no passengers, adding that “they didn’t bother anyone other than the noise they made when playing and then they slept all night”.

“I really think: what would happen if we started to see children as people? Because they are people, just like you, just like me, just like the 60-year-old gentleman. There are people who snore on the buses, who have a bad smell, who fart (sic.), who have pets, but it seems that living with a child for a couple of hours is the worst thing that can happen to you, ”he launched.

In that, the user called to be “more empathetic and respectful with people from birth to death. Not from when they are 15 years old and up.”

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