Chinese government asks Hollywood to respect its culture!

A Chinese government agent asked Hollywood to respect their culture so they can show their films in theaters in the eastern country.

Since 2021, the relationship between China and Hollywood seem to have come to an end. After a decade of lucrative contracts in which the big blockbusters secured a privileged position on the Chinese billboard, the eastern country has only released 28 Hollywood movies so far this year, and has avoided major releases like Eternals, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Thor: Love & Thunder, and Multiverse of Madness.

Many analyzes have been made on the level of censorship that Chinese culture suffers and that has been redoubled during the administration of its president. Xi Jinping, who, in addition to promoting local production with greater force, has also tightened censorship on cultural products, since he recently prohibited the appearance of “effeminate men” in movies and series and has even canceled broadcasts of famous streamers when they touch on sensitive topics.

But in a strange new statement, it seems that China seeks to make peace with Hollywood. His only condition is that respect their culture more.

That Hollywood stop offending the Chinese government

During a press conference in which Bloomberg was present, sun yeli, vice-minister of the publicity department of the Chinese Communist Party assured that they are seeking to import more foreign cinema from any country, but “May they be the best films that also suit the tastes of the Chinese public and respect the sensitivities of our audience.”

In addition, he specifically asked American films to “can improve in their representation with respect to our culture, traditions and the behavior of our audience”.

This is the first time that a senior Chinese government official has spoken about the kind of considerations they have when choosing what kind of movies are released, but they seem to confirm the reports that have been given since the beginning of the year that the censorship and blockades that the films of Hollywood are due to the sensitivities of the country’s censorship department.

For example, the reason why they did not release Eternals was due to the presence of LGBTTTIQ+ themes and why the director Chloe Zhao she is considered a “traitor” for speaking ill of the Chinese government in public.Thor and the Multiverse of Madness suffered the same fate. The Chinese government also does not accept that in the movies they represent historical monuments of other nations, reason why they decided to avoid the premiere of No Way Home and Top Gun: Maverick.


Does Hollywood really need the Chinese box office?

During the 2010s, Hollywood seemed obsessed with appealing to Chinese audiences, as it soon established itself as the second largest film market in the world and boosted the box office of certain productions in a stratospheric way, since films like Fast and Furious or Transformers they were much more economically successful in China than in the United States.

For that reason, many blockbuster films began to feature details within their productions that appealed to Chinese audiences. For example in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel reached an agreement with the cell phone brand alive and that was the mark with which the characters communicated throughout the film. and the movie of DreamWorks, Abominable, presented a geographical map where it was seen that the Southeast Asian Sea belonged to China, something that has been disputed by other countries in the region, such as Vietnam.

The reason that happened was because dreamworks made an alliance with a Chinese production company to make the film. And there it was said that the russo brothers they had planned to put a production studio in the eastern country, although in the end the negotiations fell through. For its part, in 2019 more than 50 foreign films in the region, so it seemed that China would become one of the most important countries for the film industry.

However, this year movies like Above: Gun Maverick, Spider-Man: No Way Home they have shown that Hollywood can launch extremely successful films without the need to premiere in the country. And in fact, has started to backfire on Chinese cinema.


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