Christian Meier and his painful goodbye to Diego Bertie: “With you there is no end”

Christian Meier dedicates a message to Diego Bertie after his sad death

christian meierfriend and acting partner of Diego Bertiepublished a painful message for his death. “As a boy I wanted to be an actor for you. I am an actor for you. I always loved you, I always admired you. Too soon Diego. “With you there is no end, only a long way to go…”, he wrote on Twitter.

Christian Meier and his message to Diego Bertie
Christian Meier and his message to Diego Bertie

Diego Bertie died this morning after falling from the 14th floor of the building where he lived and the news shocked the entire show business and all Peruvians, who could not believe the tragic end of the artist.

Meier and Bertie They starred in the telenovela ‘Obsesión’ by Lucho Llosa in the 90s and from that moment they were joined by a great friendship. On several occasions they shared their passion for acting and music.

The Bertie’s death, aged 54, impacted all Peruvians. officials of the Fire brigade he was treated in the building where he lived in Miraflores after receiving the call from the security guard of the building, who witnessed the accident and was transferred in the morning to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospitalon República de Panamá avenue, but the doctors only certified his death.

The recent publications of Diego Bertie in its Instagram They were filled with comments from their followers, who expected the actor to respond to them as the actor used to do, many even had tickets purchased for their next concert in Barranco.

Christian Meier and Diego Bertie shared roles in the telenovela ‘Obsesión’, directed by Lucho Llosa. Gianella Neyra also performed here, Daniela Sarfati and with the antagonistic participation of Sonia Oquendo and Ana María Jordán.

This soap opera helped him make a career as an international soap opera heartthrob, since he later starred in other productions such as ‘Leonela, dying of love’, where he shared roles with the late actress, Marian Levy.

He later starred in the Venezuelan telenovela full moon lovers (2000) for Venevision and Anything goes (2002) by Rede Globo and Telemundo.

Bertie starred in the Colombian telenovela produced by Caracol Television, The ex in 2006 with Ruddy Rodríguez. The following year she participated in an episode of End Time (Fox)

Social networks were also flooded with messages from artists and colleagues of Diego Bertiewhom they remembered as a person full of light and with a big heart. Verónica Linares, Erika Villalobos, Gianella Neyra and Maripili Barreda were very hurt by the sad end of the actor.

Sonia OquendoWith whom she worked on several occasions on TV and theater, she said she felt very dismayed and hurt by the disappearance of her “acting son.” While Paul MartinWith whom he worked in the soap opera “Natacha”, he was shocked, because the news reached him when he had just arrived in Cusco.

“I just arrived in Cusco. I turn on my cell phone and find messages, I couldn’t understand anything and the news is very sad, very sad,” the artist told RPP Noticias.

The renowned actor said that, during the recordings of Natacha in 1990, Diego Bertie he was more reserved. However, in recent years he had grown much closer to his public, who had welcomed him with open arms. “He was a very sensitive guy, in Natacha’s time he was much more closed, he connected much less with people. Unlike these last few years we did Mamma mia! and Back to the neighborhood where we were together for five years. The Diego of recent years was very charming, with a huge heart; before it’s not that he wasn’t, but that he was more reserved. I’m in shock, I’m not done processing it yet, ”he added.

Paul Martin in shock over the death of Diego Bertie | RPP News


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