Cinema for dogs: how was the first pet friendly function in South America?

The municipality of escobar together with the study warner Bros Pictures, the first film with dogs in South America: an initiative that is already carried out in Mexico, the United States and in some European countries. In this way, it was sought to promote awareness about the adoption and responsible ownership of petsIn addition to promoting a policy pet friendly for public spaces within the district.

According to the municipality, the event took place this yesterday, Tuesday August 2, in the Seminar Theater Cinema Italy and, for the festival, the film “DC League of Super Pets”, starring -precisely- by dogs. There were three functions where both humans and pets could enjoy the film: at 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m.

Sitting on the floor at the feet of the people who take care of them day by day, up on their laps or directly on the seats in the room, the ten dogs of different ages and sizes that were present remained calm, without barking and some even keeping an eye on what was happening on the screen.

The room was specially adapted for the occasion: Projected with the light on and sound levels low. It was also equipped with bags to collect waste, drinking fountains with water and food stations in case the dogs were hungry. In addition, as an entry requirement, the people who attended with their pets had to bring a strap and the Vaccination card.

“These functions are designed with all the comforts and protocols so that we can enjoy go to the movies accompanied by our four-legged friends”told Télam the director of the Italian municipal cinema, Hector Repettowho pointed out that the first function was “a complete success”. In the same sense, when referring to the initiative, he added: “It is something very beautiful and an indelible experience for Escobar’s neighbors, who were very happy with the idea.”

The municipality of Escobar adapted the movie theater so that dogs and their owners can enjoy the show

For its part, Nestor Vittoladirector of drama seminar, where the function was developed, he reflected: “Pets are already part of the family and people are increasingly looking for places and activities where they can come with them.” And he added: “It is a very beautiful and new experience, which hopefully we can continue to support and replicate in other places.”

Renowned artists, influencers and different cultural personalities were present at the event. Among the celebrities who came to the northern district of the suburbs in the company of their pets They stood out Moria Casán, Fernando Galmarini, Carmen Barbieri, Flavio Mendoza, Alex Caniggia, Camila Homs, among others.

Similarly, the team Zoonosis local also attended the day to carry out the health book controls required to enter the room and intervene in case special attention is needed. Micaela and Federico, in charge of the veterinary unit, underlined that these initiatives “help to raise awareness” and that people “become more interested in care”.

In fact, therein lies the solidarity purpose behind the festivalAll proceeds will go to the castration program of the Municipal Zoonoses Hospitalthat “does more than 70 castrations per day,” they indicated.

In line with this, during the event there were screens with photos and a QR code with information about animals that were up for adoption and about responsible ownership. The neighbors could also approach to consult in shifts to neuter their pets.

“Encourage the adoption is one of the objectives we have with this initiative, how important it is to continue advancing in the dog care and other animals”, explained the directors of the municipal cinema-theater, who were “happy to see this first pilot test materialize”.

“Culture has to be available and accessible to everyone, and these initiatives not only foster interest in cinema, but also make the experience even more satisfying,” said Repetto, concluding that they will continue to advance so that the programming pet friendly “become more common”.

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