Cinthia Fernández resumed her vacation in Punta Cana after the improvement of her daughter Francesca

Cinthia Fernández enjoying with her daughters on vacation in the Dominican Republic (Instagram)

After having been hospitalized due to dehydration when arriving in Punta Cana, Francescathe youngest daughter of Cynthia Fernandez, she finally enjoys the vacations that her mother gave her and her older sisters as a surprise, the twins Charis and Bella.

Already much more relaxed because her daughter is better, the panelist from D-moment He shared through his social networks several images of the three little ones swimming in the pool, eating, playing in the ball pit and walking. “Look who got into the pile and is happy and I’m celebrating”, the dancer announced and her daughter is seen having fun.

Francesca with her sisters Charis and Bella, enjoying a photo with Marshal, from the PAW Patrol

In another story, he told that for the first time on Thursday they all dined together outside the roomsince until the previous days, she took turns with her mother who accompanied her on the trip, to take care of Francesca inside the room and to take care of and walk with Charis and Bella.

“Franchu is half a lentil”, he said in another post in which he showed one of the game areas of the theme hotel where they are staying and the little girl is seen walking and looking at everything with amazement. In addition to enjoying the ball pit and the slides, the girls had breakfast on the beach. One of the funniest things: the sisters took pictures with SpongeBob SquarePants and with Marshal and Chase from the PAW Patrol.

Francesca enjoyed the pool
Francesca enjoyed the pool
Much better in health, Francesca left the hotel room
Much better in health, Francesca left the hotel room

On Tuesday, although he has to continue taking care of himself with the medicines and with the mealsFran was discharged and surprised her sisters in the room, who, seeing her, stopped everything they were doing and began to cry as they merged into a hug with her.

The daughter of matias defederico began to feel bad on Sunday on the plane that took them from Buenos Aires to Punta Cana. In the Fabián Doman program, Cinthia explained: “I had made a surprise for the girls and everything came back to me. We got on the plane. Before going upstairs we ate at that crap place because it was practical and because the kids want to eat there. The flight was at 12 and at 2 in the morning Fran began to vomit. She didn’t stop. She vomited the entire flight. Already at the end of the flight she vomited bile. We got off to make the stopover and there she vomited four times, poor thing.”

Francesca was finally able to enjoy the hotel facilities in Punta Cana
Francesca was finally able to enjoy the hotel facilities in Punta Cana
Francesca, Charis and Bella with SpongeBob
Francesca, Charis and Bella with SpongeBob

“On the next flight he kept vomiting and got here. They took us to the hotel and in the truck she vomited all over. I gave him two drops of water and he vomited all over me and we no longer knew what to do”, she continued in anguish. When she got to the room she gave her a bath to see if her fever went down, but since that did not happen, she decided to take her to a medical center to be seen. There she was diagnosed with acute gastritis and they immediately put serum on her.

While her daughter was hospitalized, the dancer posted: “Inadmissible. anger, anger, pain”. After concern was generated among his followers, Pampito, his partner in the El Trece cycle, explained: “She saw that her daughter was not improving, do you know why? because the nurses forgot to give the medicine to the girl”.

Cinthia Fernández showed her daughter’s reunion with her sisters after discharge

“Since she hadn’t gotten better, when she sees the doctor she checks her and tells her ‘I don’t know how to tell you but they forgot to give her the medicine.’ With the remedy, she spent the night better”, The journalist closed about it and said that Fran is already better.

The girls’ father, for his part, will not travel, but according to Nancy Duré in Intruders, as a result of this situation, the former soccer player and Fernández are maintaining a constant dialogue and on good terms.


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