Claudia Villafañe went to see Ricardo Arjona and made him a suggestive invitation

Claudia Villafane enjoyed Ricardo Arjona’s recital (Instagram)

He had already been present at the first show that Ricardo Arjona performed at the Movistar Arena as part of his tour black and white at the beginning of August. However, taking into account that the Guatemalan had to add four more dates to the four scheduled in Buenos Aires due to excessive public demand, Claudia Villafane He decided to sit down again in one of the first rows of the stadium to enjoy his show. And, this time, she gave herself the luxury of going to visit the singer in his dressing room and making herself a suggestive invitation.

The mother of dalma Y gianina maradona He shared the best moments of the recital through a reel on his Instagram account. But, in addition, she showed the photos of the effusive hug that she gave her idol. And she accompanied the post with a phrase that gave indications of what she chatted in private with the interpreter of Lady of the four decades. “How nice to see you again Ricardo Arjona, for more meetings like this! Whenever you want, there are the gnocchi!”, wrote the champion of the first edition of Celebrity Master Chef.

It should be remembered that, when she was participating in the Telefé reality show, Claudia had given an interview to Flower Vinedigital host of the program, in which he had talked about his relationship with Luciano Pereiraa close friend of the family, and had also told an anecdote with Ricky Martinwho after a show had gone to dinner at his house hidden in the trunk. of the car. However, when her influencer asked her which famous person she would like to invite her to eat, Villafañe surprised by mentioning the Guatemalan. “I would like to go eat with Ricardo Arjona”he answered without hesitation.

Claudia Villafañe and Ricardo Arjona (Instagram)

Claudia recognized, however, that she already knew the singer, whom she had followed since her first album. “I went to see him at the Opera, the Gran Rex and also to small places, the Rodas Circus… Whenever he comes they save me a little place for some private event and, of course, I’m always there”the businesswoman had told. In fact, Arjona was one of the many guests who passed through The Night of the 10the megashow that Diego Maradona hosted in 2005 for ElTrece and of which she was the producer. So the relationship has been going on for a long time.

Days ago, a controversy had been generated around the sayings of the Guatemalan who referred to feminism. “We men lost the territory we had gained because we misbehaved. Back there, in the mid-’90s, all that masculine power went overboard, right? We lost everything. Today, let’s be clear, men are at the bottom of the social steps. long after pets”, said Arjona in his show.

And he continued: “You can say anything you can think of about a man that nothing is going to happen to him. I heard a lady last week on a major show, qualifying men, openly said, ‘Men, you mindless cavemen.’ In the program they celebrated her like this, they applauded her, everything. The lady took her car, she went to her house, nobody said anything to her in the neighborhood, she kept her job. Go call a pet ‘brainless’…they take your job away! But nothing happens with men, you have to whip them, they behaved badly. And I think that if we deserve certain things, it’s time to soften the situation.”


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