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August 21, 2022, 8:50 p.m.

August 21, 2022, 8:50 p.m.

The Travel Outlet is back stronger than everAfter two difficult years for the tourism sector, the company demonstrated that great results can be achieved with work and determination. The Guarayo room of the Fexpocruz was chosen to carry out said event, in this place the representatives of the main hotel chains and airlines were gathered, all in one place guaranteeing not only the best offers, but also the best advice for each one of the clients. What could be better than having suppliers within reach to consult more easily, clear up doubts and compare alternatives. Each space designed to improve the shopping experience of the people who attended the event.

For sure, this event has proven once again to be the largest travel fair and expected of the country. The promise of offering tempting tour package deals around the world was fulfilled. A wonderful result that was possible thanks to the effort of each one of the company’s collaborators who work inspired to democratize travel; that is, that traveling becomes a right and ceases to be a privilege for Bolivians.

It is also important to highlight the support of other companies such as Banco de Credito, official sponsor, responsible for providing financing facilities, granting the possibility of paying up to 10 credit card installments.

Continuing with the mission that more Bolivians travel, the company decides enlarge Outlet offers for the next seven more days starting Monday, August 22. The lowest prices of the year will continue to be offered, but they will be available for sale online. That is, through the website

Within the main page, all users who enter will find a banner with the Travel Outlet logo, when they click on it, they will be redirected to a page where all the packages will be loaded and they will be able to buy them within the same page. It should be noted that the benefits such as payment in installments by credit card also apply to online purchases..

This is the first version in which an online Outlet is merged with a face-to-face one; This is a product of the great acceptance that the event had. It is definitely an innovative fact, focused on providing new shopping experiences and being able to have a greater reach for those people who could not visit them during the three days. Definitely an opportunity that cannot be missed.

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