Corrientes: they detected and fined travel agencies that worked without authorization

An inspection plan was carried out to detect unlicensed travel agencies and three were found that were not authorized in the capital of Corrientes, which generates unfair competition.

The controls are carried out by the National Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which held a technical meeting with the director of Control and Supervision of Travel Agencies and the legal advisor for controls, Lorena Martínez, from the national portfolio.

“We have three agencies that found irregularities, only in Capital. They came from the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation to control this issue. These types of businesses must be registered in the nation, not in the province. We cannot authorize them to work, but we can report what happens,” said Klaus Liebig, undersecretary for Tourism Promotion and Investment.

In that sense, he indicated how the inspections are carried out in different points of the Corrientes territory. “We always go through the entire province and then when we have some type of complaint we go to the place, take pictures and talk to people. They can be complaints or we do it ex officio if we see that a service is offered on social networks and we make a report, ”he told El Litoral.

Liebig indicated that to be accredited they must enter the website of the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and that in the province they are in charge of transmitting the complaints made by users of this type of service and raising them so that the national government can control them. “We know the fines are high and the place is shut down until everything is back in order to function,” he said.

The national official, Lorena Martínez, continues to carry out inspections of travel agencies in the Capital and in the interior training and practices are offered to interim personnel on the new regulations that regulate tourist activity.

On the other hand, from the portfolio of the Ministry of Tourism of Corrientes, the full validity of art. 1 of Law 18,829 and by virtue of this it warns that no person, religious, educational institution and others are allowed to sell trips and/or packages to attend religious, cultural, musical events or of any kind other than a travel agency duly registered by the Mintur.

To this end, the same is transcribed: art. 1 of the law 18,829 inc. a) and are subject to the provisions of this Law any natural or legal person who develops in the national territory, with or without profit, permanently transitory or accidental, any of the following activities: inc. a) intermediation in the reservation or location of services in any means of transport in the country or abroad.

As an active part of control and advice, from the Ministry of Tourism it was reported that the Inspection Area continues to attend from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., on May 25, 1330 in the capital and can be communicated at 3795-089-234 or to the e-mail

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