Cristian Castro surprised with his controversial look in Sing With Me Now

Cristian Castro with Marcelo Tinelli (Photo: LaFlia)

With the yellow pearl, almost orange, combed with a tight bun, a striking patterned suit in various bright colors and a tie to match his hair, that’s how he made his grand entrance Cristian castro to the study of sing with me now. The Mexican singer is one of the one hundred jurors that make up the reality show with which Marcelo Tinelli returned to the ElTrece screen. And, as expected, he did everything in his power to not go unnoticed by the public.

“Ladies and gentlemen, an international star. He is Mexican, but I feel that he has his heart here in Argentina. One of the largest and most important figures of melodic and pop music worldwide. son of the dear Veronica Castro. What can I say about his songs? If you put bluesyou dance it If you put Will not be ableyou dance it If you put raining starsyou dance it I told you three, but I can tell you three hundred more, “said the driver at the time of presenting it. And immediately, in complicity with the viewers, he pointed out: “I want to see the suit he brought because they told me: ‘You don’t know how he came dressed!’”.

At that moment, Cristian made his entrance in the middle of an ovation from the spectators present in the gallery. And he melted into a hug with both Tinelli and his son, Lolo. “The hair, the look! Is awesome. That suit does not speak Spanish…”Marcelo said as soon as he saw him. “Not really,” the artist replied with a smile. And he commented: “The truth is that I am grateful to life for having me in this spoiled country. And with you, first of all, that from Rhythm of the Night we have this fraternity”.

The singer also made clear the family relationship that binds him to Tinelli. “Just as you have Lorenzo here, I also feel somehow part of your product. So I am really very happy, very grateful and always close to you. I feel you in my heart, Marcelo, I love you very much”, he confessed. Excited, the driver thanked him for his words. And the interpreter did not hesitate to do the choruses of the hit live Blue, that played in the background while he spoke.

“Attention: it will be in the middle. And she’s going to have to vote for the songs she likes. You are one of the greats of music and you are going to have to say what you like and what you don’t like. We need absolute sincerity”, Tinelli told him later. And Cristian replied: “Well, we are going to be honest today. We are going to get a winner who is deserving.”

Immediately, the driver asked for “a big round of applause” for the singer and invited him to go to his place, along with the Puma Jose Luis Rodriguez, Coti Soroking, Cande Tinelli, Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, Odino Faccia, Crazy Loccisano, El Bahiano, Luciano El Tirri, Alexander Paker, Heidy, Juampi Schorh, Crash, Nacho Mintz, Darius Sayegh, Fenix ​​Drag, Real Valessa, Manuel Wirtz Y magui olaveamong others.


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