Cusco: They denounce that tour operators “cheat” by offering entrance tickets to Machu Picchu

In the streets and without the possibility of knowing Macchu Picchu there are more than a thousand tourists of various nationalities. Some foreigners, such as the Chilean tourist, Priscila Calderón, report having been “scammed” by the tourism agencies they hired.

“I contracted the package to come here with the Inti Travel agency, they told me that I had to come and pick up my and my sister’s (ticket), because it was in my name. They told me that I had to come before to stand in line, they reiterated that the ticket was already in my name, I come here and it is not like that, “said the visitor.

Priscila claims that she requested the return of her money, S/2’215, an amount for which the company offered her a tour of the entire sacred valley, Montaña de Siete Colores and Macchu Picchu “I feel mocked… The company does not want to return me because they say that the rest of the activities are already confirmed,” he said in an interview with RPP.

Cusco: Tourist Drama

The door of the ticket office of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture Cuzco (DDCC) has become a kind of accommodation, several tourists venture to spend the night in the street to be the first in line and thus, with luck, get an entrance ticket to the Inca city of Macchu Picchu.

This happened since the announcement of the DDCC to enable the sale of 150 tickets for tourists who are in the area and who could not purchase a ticket. The director of Culture, Mildred Fernández announced the measure hoping to put an end to the problems after the high demand for tickets.

Cusco: Responsible tourism agencies

The Director of Culture Cuzco He blamed tourist agencies for causing the chaos, since he assures that they are tour operators who encourage visitors to undertake the trip to Macchu Picchudespite not having the entrance tickets to the world wonder.

“These agencies are bringing (tourists) left and right, they charge them, they leave them there (at the ticket office) and they ask them to say that they do not come with an agency so that they can sell them. That is not possible, the DDCC is being affected, the Cuzcobecause they are implying that we are not serving tourists correctly,” he explained.

Mildred Fernandez requested the support of the Public Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism to sanction the actions of the tour operators that expose visitors and generate a bad image for the country.

Cusco: Mayor asks to authorize ticket sales

Darwin Baca León, mayor of the district of Macchu Picchu demanded the intervention of the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Trade and Tourism, he refers that the sale of tickets must be authorized, in an extraordinary way, so as not to harm the tourists who are in the district.

“It is true that there is a load capacity (4,044 visitors per day), but given the problem, we cannot leave this on the air, an urgent decision must be made immediately. Tourists cannot be stranded,” he noted.

The protests continue in Macchu PicchuThe annoyance of the visitors was evident from the first hours of the day when several gathered to show their discomfort, while activities for the national month are carried out in the district square.

Cusco: Suspend activities for national holidays

National and foreign tourists, who could not buy an entrance ticket to the Inca city of Macchu PicchuThey burst into the main square of the district of the same name when protocol activities were being carried out for the national holidays.

Due to this situation, the authorities decided to suspend all festive activities to avoid complications during visitor protests.

The tourists came to the train tracks where they demanded that the authorities give a solution to their demands to enable the sale of tickets to get into the world wonder.

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