Daniela Cardone revealed how Brenda Gandini reacted after she told that her father abandoned her

Daniela Cardone revealed what Brenda Gandini’s reaction was when she told the truth about her father (Video: “Intruders”, America)

“Carlos left me for the housekeeper, the same one who had helped me with the chores and care throughout the pregnancy. At the time they got married and had a son.. the confession that Daniela Cardone did about the father of Breda Gandini in the exclusive interview he did sebastian soldier by teleshow It impacted and covered all the media. It is that although the former model never had problems talking about her private life, she had never told how her breakup with her first husband had been.

In that same note, Cardone had also revealed the repeated harassment he suffered from his ex, until he made the decision to settle in Buenos Aires. “He appeared to me at home and everywhere, just to harass me. I felt that she would drive me crazy, ”she had revealed.

The truth is that, almost a month after those strong statements, Daniela was invited this Monday to intruders (America), where he told what his eldest daughter’s reaction was after listening to them. “I told it because so many things were always said that were not and generally you never want to explain to a son how the fights were. I thought that it was not necessary to explain it to him, but at the same time, with the passage of time, people talk about so many things…, so at that moment I felt that I had to tell him and I told it”, he began expressing.

And surprised to reveal that the actress did not know that part of the story. “I didn’t know much either, but Brenda was very upset that I talked about this, so out of respect for her I’m not going to talk about it.”. “She was very young, she was 19 years old, these are things that happen. I am one to keep things to myself, I have a lot of temperance with that because sometimes the truth hurts and it has to be said, but it came to me at this moment to say it“, he pointed. Meanwhile, and although she tried to avoid the subject so as not to generate another anger from Brenda, she closed: “It’s my life, I also have this story that I lived before she came from it. I uncovered myself”.

Alone – Daniela Cardone With Sebastian Soldano

In that same note, Cardone had also detailed what the abandonment she suffered from her then-husband had been like, when she was in the seventh month of pregnancy: “In this state I don’t love you or the baby you’re carrying there”. “He was depressive. And his depressions were fatal. He was heavily medicated, heavily. And I never knew! Never,” he revealed. “I remember mom getting mad at me: `Didn’t you notice?! How was it that no one from her family was able to tell you?! ´, he reproached me. So I started to solve life as I could.

It was at that moment that she left her daughter in the care of her mother and left for Buenos Aires, but she soon had to return when she found out that Carlos had taken Brenda and had sued her for possession. “So my ordeal began. They don’t even take a child from a prostitute the way they did me. She had to sign a paper so that they would authorize me to see her and thus make sure that she would not kidnap her. She was outrageous. But Gandini was a type of silver and his family had bought Justice, ”she had recalled.


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