Darío Barassi recounted the scare he experienced in full flight: “The landing was very hard”

Darío Barassi recounted the scare he experienced in the middle of the landing

When you live in an extreme situation, the first thing you think about is usually your loved ones. That’s how it happened to Dario Barassithat on Monday morning he suffered a scare while his flight arrived in Buenos Aires, after a getaway he had made through the interior of the country with some friends.

It had all started when his trip was delayed due to the intense fog that lashed the city. After a few hours, it was finally done, but what the driver never imagined was that the landing would be so complicated. “Impossible fog. All flights cancelled. We change airport. We wait 5 hours. We finally fly. The landing was very hard. Nothing was visible. Stewardesses providing calm. We land”, he began by recounting in a pose he made on his account Instagramsocial network in which he has four million followers.

And he continued detailing: “I was sitting in front because chubby, The pilot opens the door, I shake his hand and he tells me something like don’t waste my time thanking him, that his mission was to bring us home. and he thrilled me”. Meanwhile, she told what was the first thing that came to mind: “During the whole flight I thought about my women. How my wife looks, how my dwarf laughs and how the little girl jumps in her belly -her wife is expecting her second daughter, who will be called Agnes-”. Finally, and to remove a bit of drama from what she experienced, she closed: “I write this from the kitchen while I make a pacho. Two pancakes. I’m sensitive. Thanks to my girls. Thanks to that pilot. Great fds, but it’s good to be home. I’ll leave you, the panchos are ready”.

Darío Barassi recounted the scare he experienced during a landing
Darío Barassi recounted the scare he experienced during a landing

Among the thousands of “likes” and comments that the post had, one in particular stood out from a user who expressed: “A pleasure to bring you home, I was the stewardess of that flight”, a message that was appreciated by several of fans of the host of 100 Argentines say.

Last Sunday, Barassi had also been in the news after the spicy question he had asked Camila Homs on his show, amid rumors that his ex Rodrigo DePaul could lose the World Cup to be played in Qatar, and that they were installed after some statements by Claudio Tapia. Between game and game, Darío said that he was going to get into the matter that she has pending with the footballer and that he was not going to continue dodging him. “can’t talk”Camila warned her with a smile but, apparently, an awkward one. Despite that warning, with her typical humor, the host of the successful cycle of The thirteen He stated: “I don’t want (De Paul) not to go to the World Cup. We put the money that is missing, we make a vaquita between all of us”. For all answer, Homs insisted: “Do not complicate me.”

“How far are we from it being resolved?”Barassi continued. But she was adamant: “I don’t even know.” Immediately afterwards and true to her style with her humorous tone, Dario launched: “Solve it, stop fucking around. Young people, so cute, with a divine life ahead of them. The two are already in one. Cochina, I saw you, fachero the new one, huh. Bomb, the guy is a fire”. And he finished: “De Paul got raunchy, he wasn’t so raunchy before. Give me two or three months in a gym and I end up better than him.”


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