Deception: Iberia is not raffling 5,000 tickets to travel through Europe

A hoax is circulating on WhatsApp that supplants the identity of the Iberia company to make people believe that they are giving away tickets

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Through the WhatsApp account that we offer to report fraud, we received a fraud in which Iberia’s identity was supplanted. The message, which aims to make potential victims believe that the airline is giving away 5,000 tickets to travel around Europe, includes a link that has nothing to do with the official site. The objective of the campaign is for users to download an app with a dubious reputation. From the official account Iberia Twitter confirmed that it is a hoax.

Message potential victims receive

If the person clicks on the link, they will be directed to a page that uses the image of Iberia and in which they are asked to complete a survey, something very common in this model of scams that usually circulate on WhatsApp. In addition, false comments from other supposed beneficiaries of the draw are added to give it credibility.

Survey to be completed by the potential victim and false comments to make the deception more credible

Once the person completes the survey, the site simulates that it processes the data and goes on to the next instance: a game where the user is shown many boxes to select the one that hides the prize. Regardless of which option is chosen, after the second attempt a message will inform the user that they have won. Then, as usually happens in this type of campaign, the victim is asked to share this opportunity with their WhatsApp contacts in order to receive the prize. This requirement is what causes the deception to be shared massively in a short time.

Instance in which you request to share in false giveaway with your contacts

However, once the person completes the process, they will be directed to a new site that displays a message indicating that their phone is not working properly and invites them to download an application that promises to optimize the performance of the device. Regardless of whether the person presses the cancel or update option, they will automatically be directed to Google Play to download a dubious app called Velvet Phone Cleaner & Booster, which, according to user feedback, constantly displays ads, even when the app is not it’s open.

Disreputable app that invites victims to download

However, depending on the geographical area in which the person is, the campaign may direct potential victims to the app instead of downloading an app. paid subscription sites.

Although one of the most recommended security practices for mobile device users is to download applications only from official stores, such as Google Play or the App Store, as we have seen repeatedly, this is not enough. Although it is true that Google applies security filters to prevent malicious applications from reaching the store, something that guarantees greater security compared to repositories without reputation, cybercriminals also manage to place their applications in official stores. In fact, we recently alerted users to the number of apps on Google Play that are used to distribute Joker malware.

On the other hand, applications that promise to clean or improve the phone’s performance, or even security, are often used to distribute invasive advertising on users’ computers and in this way the operators monetize these tricks.

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