Disguised as a pink panther and on a yacht: Silvina Escudero’s crazy bachelorette party

Silvina Escudero’s crazy bachelorette party

Silvina Escudero she is a few days away from walking down the aisle with her boyfriend Frederick and, as tradition usually marks, she had her long-awaited bachelorette party, which was organized by her sister vanine and her innermost circle of friends.

“The girls told me: ´At 10 be ready, your sister is looking for you´. Well, I’m ready, what happens from now on tonight, I have no idea “He anticipated in his stories on Saturday night. Then, he set out to share with his million and a half followers on Instagram the videos and photos of the crazy event they prepared for him. First of all, he showed the moment when Vanina takes her blindfolded to the yacht that had been rented for the occasion. “Trusting my sister, not knowing where she was going, who they were and what was going to happen all night”wrote to graph the anecdote.

But, in addition, he published the backstage of when Vanina decorated the boat. “Here we are in the preview, nothing is missing, Sil will arrive in a few minutes”, she is heard saying to the wife of Alvaro Navia while tying some balloons. Immediately afterwards, we see the moment in which the future bride takes off her blindfold and sees all the surprise that they had prepared for her. “I am happy that all my friends organized this, I can’t believe it because they are from different groups. It already excites me… I love you all”she expressed excited.

Some photos of Silvina Escudero’s crazy bachelorette party

Then, he set out to share several postcards of what was the farewell, in which he sang and danced to the rhythm of the music. At one point, she was seen wearing a white tulle skirt, simulating a sexy wedding dress, but without a doubt her craziest outfit was when dressed up as the pink panther. However, the hottest part of the night came when a man dressed as a sweeper appeared. “Silvi, you are going to have to dance with him”he is heard saying to the announcer of the event, something that the ex-participant of show match had to accept.

Silvina Escudero dressed up as a sexy pink panther bride for her bachelorette party
Silvina Escudero dressed up as a sexy pink panther bride for her bachelorette party

Hours later, the youngest of the Escuderos reappeared on their networks and limited: “Well, and so ruined and with the whole house in disarray, I’m going to work. Later I will continue telling you about the farewell, and tomorrow at 6 am upstairs because I have practical work at the facu. A heavy weekend…and I’m getting married on Thursday, it’s the only important thing. So let’s rock tonight”, he closed before heading to Sunday nightthe program that drives Mariano Judica in America.

It was precisely in that television series where Silvina told a little more details about the farewell. “Where did they go?” asked the driver. “Where didn’t we go?” she answered sharply. And she detailed: “I got home at 8 am, I will have gone to bed at ten in the morning.” So, upon querying Barbie FrancoShe continued with her story, while they saw the material that she herself uploaded to her networks: “My sister and the girls told me: ‘We’ll pick you up at ten’. They blindfolded me and that’s how it all started.”

“They put together all the decorations on the ship, we were 13 women, my best friends for life. There are things that I could not show, that I went up and regretted”continuous. “Then they brought me clothes, everything (…) I can’t tell everything that happened”, she launched, mysterious. Finally, she clarified what happened when the alleged sweeper entered: “We were by boat, then we went to a truck and ended up in a bowling alley. At one point, we were in the truck and the girls said: ´We are going to stop whoever gets in first´. And they open the door, and a sweeper comes up. I said ´Is it checked?´. And then I realized that he was not a street sweeper… I couldn’t continue recording there”.


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