Do not buy a graphics card from China, they may be fake

Something quite surprising is happening in a country like China that has been turning eyes towards them for some years. And it is that, as we have seen in recent weeks, the price any Graphic card is going down, but it is that in Porcelain It has been below the MSRP for a few months, therefore, many users have played it and have launched to buy directly there. What should we take into account to make a safe purchase?

China’s market volume is something that every company wants to aspire to, but few can enter and even less can compete given the falling prices they have. In graphics cards, it is a bit the same, since the country has specific assemblers, some of which have already left China, but others remain to compete on price and therein lies the desire of players and miners.

Buying a graphics card from China, a good idea?

Be that as it may, whether you want to buy the same graphics card that you would buy here, but in Chinese portalsor actually buy a model from a Chinese assembler the issue remains the same: the sweetbread.

The fakes in that country they are the most common, in fact, they represent the most of the market by volumeso it is easy to fall into networks of this type where sometimes even the manufacturers themselves have problems legally breaking the production chains of these counterfeits. Therefore, the first advice we can give you is to spend time choosing a trusted hardware platform in China.

There are specialized stores, logically, as there are here, but they also have to meet two requirements that are essential: international shipping and international return. To this we must add another important detail that is not exactly minor: a secure payment platform, if possible PayPalsince Alipay and Wechat as such may not have legal validity and support in the West.

What to take into account when choosing a model?

The first thing we have to look at it is in the technical characteristics of the model and buy them with the reference model marked by NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. Bearing in mind that we are talking about a seller already selected as trustworthy the difference in performance between these models will come from the side of the frequency and the dissipation system.

Usually Chinese manufacturers who focus on their market integrate lower quality componentsPCB with fewer layers, poorly managed electronic systems and, of course, more than fair dissipation. If all this fits us compared to models sold here seeing the characteristics and quality of the materials of each other, then we can consider the purchase.

Similarly, we recommend that you talk to the seller or store in particular via email to ask them about shipments, times and customs, because if the package is stopped in Barajas we will have to pay a significant amount of money (21% of the price on invoice or barometer tax plus management fees) and it won’t be a pleasant surprise.


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