Dollar today and blue dollar today: what is the price of the currency this July 27

The free US currency rose two pesos and at this time listed at $324 for sale and $319 for the purchase.

The new measure of the Central Bank (BCRA) announced yesterday by the Government, through which a “soybean dollar” is implemented, has two objectives. On the one hand, look strengthen reserves in a context of high demand for dollars by importing energy, and, on the other, increase tax collectionsince the producers will be able to buy “solidarity dollar”, which has 30% of PAIS tax and 35% of perception on account of Profits. In this sense, of the volume exported, the State keeps at least 46% of the income due to tax pressure.

During an act in Chapadmalal, President Alberto Fernández remembered Eva Perón, 70 years after her death, and took advantage of the figure of the former first lady of Argentina to charge against the field, although without mentioning it directly. In his words, slipped that Evita “fought” against certain sectors, which she took charge of after enumerating: “They are those who speculate with prices, those who make merchandise missing, those who manipulate supermarket prices, those who promote inflation by making people feel that the currency is going to devalue, those who expect Argentina to weaken and devalue in order to sell what they have to sell”.

Alberto Fernández charged against those who “continue to speculate with a devaluation”

The reference retail exchange rate, which is controlled by the Central Bank (BCRA) opened at $137.56 and $129.41 for the purchase-sale, respectively.

The markets await the return to the country of Silvina Batakis, who held a marathon schedule of meetings in Washington and New York on Monday and Tuesday. The minister met with David Lipton, an official from the Treasury Department; the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva; World Bank CEO Axel van Trotsenburg and Wall Street investors. Yes ok The head of the Palacio de Hacienda was going to arrive this morning, due to a problem connecting her flights, she was delayed. His return is expected to announce new economic measures.

The parallel US currency opened the day one peso below yesterday’s close. Right now, trades at $322 for sale and $317 for the purchase.

Yesterday, as part of his tour in financial worldthe Minister of Economy, Silvina BatakisHe met with investors and assured that he has the support of Cristina Kirchner. accompanied by the Argentine ambassador, Jorge Argüello, told them that he had the support of all the members of the Frente de Todos, including the vice president.

Silvina Batakis has a long academic career and in the public sphere
Silvina Batakis has a long academic career and in the public sphereTwitter @sbatakis

Miguel Ángel Pesce, president of the Central Bank (BCRA), referred to the implementation of the “soybean dollar”, the differential exchange rate with which it seeks to encourage the settlement of grains by producers, and, in radio statements, revealed that with the measure expect to raise $2.5 billion and “unlock a problem that everyone recognizes exists in that production chain.”

The Government announced the implementation of a "soybean dollar" to encourage producers to liquidate grains
The Government announced the implementation of a “soy dollar” to encourage producers to liquidate grainsShutterstock-Shutterstock

After the announcement of a “soy dollar”, industrial sectors also called for special treatment for exporting SMEs. In this sense, the president of Industriales Pymes Argentinos (IPA), Daniel Rosato, called on the Central Bank to establish an “SME dollar”, with the aim of “putting manufacturing factories that export on an equal footing with the benefits announced for the liquidation of foreign currency from the countryside”. In addition, he warned that “the lack of global competitiveness that national companies have is leaving the national industry on the verge of collapse.”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that the economic situation in Argentina is “very worrying” and warned about the inflation that hits the country. The agency stated that controlling the rise in prices must be an “absolute priority” and, for the first time, questioned the effectiveness of the policy used to achieve it.

The Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, together with the Managing Director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva.
The Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, together with the Managing Director of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva.Ministry of Economy

This morning, the chief of staff, Juan Manzur, referred this morning to the new instrument announced yesterday by the Central Bank, the “soybean dollar”, a differential exchange rate to encourage the sale of grain by farmers in the field. “We think it will be successful, we think it will be widely accepted. Today we will see how it will move”, said.

Yesterday on the screen LN+, economist Daniel Artana reported the existence of a “double speech” by the government of Alberto Fernández in relation to the countryside, and took the opportunity to launch a harsh criticism against Máximo Kirchner. “If the BCRA needs dollars, why not ask him? Let her sell them for 140 pesos. You don’t have to pay withholding either. It does better business than the field,” he joked. He then added, “The lack of consistency is unbelievable.” Along these lines, he questioned: “Forcing you to liquidate an element like soy must be illegal. It is something that cannot be done.”

Daniel Artana challenged Máximo Kirchner to sell his dollars for 140 pesos

The bitcoin dollar, also called the “crypto dollar” or stable coins (considered that way because of its parity with the dollar), its value decreased. On the Buenbit platform, DAI can be purchased for $328.50.

After the announcement by the Central Bank (BCRA) of a differential exchange rate to encourage the settlement of grains by farmers in the countryside, from the agricultural sector they warn that the measure will represent an improvement of only 15% in the current exchange rate gap . Several leaders and producers consulted by THE NATION They agreed that the implementation of a “soybean dollar” will not promote greater sales, since they consider it difficult to implement.

Amid a shortage of dollars in reserves; of an exchange rate run and after the harsh criticism of President Alberto Fernández to the agricultural sector, The Central Bank (BCRA) yesterday approved a differential exchange rate to encourage the settlement of grains by farmers in the field. The special regime will be available until August 31 next.

Of 100% of the sale value of grains, 30% may be converted to the “solidarity dollar” ($226), while the other 70% may be deposited with a hedge against devaluation. from entity They denied that it was a splitting of the exchange rate, since everything continues to be settled in the official dollar. What the new official mechanism would allow is to grantr differentiated access to a higher exchange rate for part of the sale.

the chief of staff, John ManzurHe referred to the situation of dollar parallel in the country after the numbers released on Monday: “Fortunately, we all know, there was a marked decline in dollars, of the financier and of the blue. We are going to continue working, we want to invest every dollar that Argentina has in production and work, that is the challenge”.

What did Manzur say about yesterday’s blue dollar pullback?

At the end of the exchange day on Tuesday, the official dollar closed with a price of $129.39 for the purchase and $137.38 for sale, according to the retail average of the Central Bank (BCRA). With this last value, the legal currency rose just eight cents in relation to yesterday’s closewhich was $137.30. This expresses a rise of 0.10 percent.

The officer’s quote on the National Bankmeanwhile, the day ended at $129.05 for the purchase and $136.95 for sale; and in Galicia the official North American currency was quoted at $128.40 and $138.40 for purchase and sale, respectively.

Almost at the close of the exchange day, the free dollar experienced a rise of $1 again and was placed at a price for the sale of $323. With this, he returned to the values ​​of the start of the day.

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