Dream fulfilled: the meeting of actor Joseph Quinn, who played Eddie Munson in Stranger Things, with Metallica

One of the most memorable scenes from the last season of Strange things starred Joseph Quinn, the actor who plays Eddie Munson, and a classic Metallica. And it is that, in one of the moments of greatest tension of the Netflix series, the character makes a surrender of the theme “Puppeteer” that stole all the attention of the fans of the strip. In a special meeting, the members of the band from Los Angeles met him and enjoyed playing together for a while.

“Hello everyone, I’m backstage at Lollapalooza about to meet Metallica.” Quinn told the accompanying camera, noticeably emotional. “You’re taller than on television,” said James Hetfield, the group’s lead singer, upon receiving him.

The actor asked the metalheads if they are fans of Strange thingsto which Hetfield assured that yes. “I’ve been a fan since season one. I watched it with my kids and it was a bonding experience for us.”, the singer told him.

“Thank you so much for letting us use the song,” Quinn said. “Thank you very much for doing him justice, you definitely did,” Hetfield replied in reference to the guitar riff that the actor played in the second part of the fourth season of the series. The band did not want the star to leave empty-handed, and that is why after inviting him to play with them, they decided to give him a guitar that they all signed. “Now in Metallica there are five of us,” they joked.

Eddie Munson, the character played by Quinn, is a Nerdy, metalhead, antisocial, role-playing gamer, and occasional soft drug dealer who endeared himself to the public. Throughout the season, Eddie he has a perfect bowin which he begins as an essentially antisocial creature, to culminate his days as a warrior of great nobility.

A few days ago, Quinn elaborated on the importance that Eddie Munson has in his career, and provided some details about his favorite fictions. On that subject, the actor confessed: “I love the saga of The Lord of the ringsand all the characters that appear there”. And referring to his favorite fictional heroes and antiheroes, Quinn surprised when he confessed one of the roles that influenced him in the creation of Eddie: “I love Captain Jack Sparrow. I think that character is one of the most brilliant performances of Johnny Depp. And I stole little things from him, to put on Eddie”.

Regarding the impact that his character caused among the followers of Strange thingsQuinn opined: “It is an extraordinary thing to try to answer. Apparently there is something in his arc that connects with people, being falsely accused and that redemption, drives his story, that sacrifice, his sense of friendship and camaraderie.”.

The end of the fourth season of the series, marked a bitter pill with the last heroic act of Eddie, a moving scene in which he shares the screen with Gaten Matarazzo. And of that moment, Quinn explained: “I remember going to the place where they put the prosthetics on me, and where the makeup and costume crew were preparing me to film, and I was freezing. But it was a wonderful privilege to have been able to share that scene with Gaten.”

In addition to appearing in Strange thingsQuinn was also part of game of Thrones (HBO), the fictional world of the writer George RR Martin that gathered millions of fans after the story debuted on the platforms of transmission.

Eddie Munson was also part of Game of Thrones and fans did not notice

The actor appeared in a season seven episode called “The Spoils of War,” where he played Koner, a Stark soldier. The character was only on the scene for a few moments, as Quinn along with Danny Kirrane, who plays another Stark soldier (Henk), are the ones who watch the main entrance to Winterfell, an ancestral seat of House Stark, which is ruled by kings.

Both soldiers run into Arya Stark, a role played by the British Maisie Williams, who is the youngest daughter of the Stark dynasty.. She demands the soldiers to let her pass because she belongs to that house. However, Koner and Henk laugh because they don’t think she’s part of the family. Later, they try to make the “princess” leave, but they do not succeed.

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