Dream vacation: where are the private islands that can be rented cheaper than a hotel night

In the collective unconscious, having a private island is the reality for a tiny portion of the world’s population. Famous and important businessmen sometimes show on social networks their vacations in private paradisiacal beachessomething unthinkable for most people. However, a beam of light awakens the hope of those who have a smaller pocket.

Around the world there are eight private islands that can be rented per day on the Airbnb temporary rental platform. Although prices vary, there are opportunities at reasonable values ​​for the size of the place that is reserved. Starting at US$50, you can enjoy 360° panoramic views, nature at its best, and the tranquility of solitude. Here we tell you about the three cheapest on the platform.

The first island and the most accessible of all is in Norway. The Nordic country offers in the province of Møre og Romsdal a private land with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. Although the privacy of an island invites you to do outdoor activities, such as touring the land or having a picnic, the territory includes a cabin for two people for a romantic and unique stay. To access the land near the village of Vikan, rental includes a rowboat for exploration during your stay.

Langholmen Private Island is the cheapest on Aibnbairbnb

However, its unusual price of $50 a night hides a not minor detail: the island does not have running waterso the idea of ​​taking a shower or going to the bathroom will depend on the water they carry and the creativity of the tourists.

Inside the Nordic radar, Finland also offers a private island for temporary rent. The country from which you can see the fantastic northern lights is another with an island offered for rent for only US$56 a day in a cabin. It has two sleeping places on the ground floor and one on the upper floor with a double bed, and you can add a place on the sofa bed for the fifth person. On the rental platform, the house differentiates itself by offering the sauna servicea highly valued pastime in Finland.

The cabin on the Finnish island rents for $56 a night
The cabin on the Finnish island rents for $56 a nightairbnb

The country has another island listed on the temporary rental market, which can be reserved for a higher budget: US$198 a night.

For anniversaries or special celebrations, there are couples who break the piggy bank and choose to spend the night in a high-end hotel. For example, a night in a five-star hotel in the City of Buenos Aires costs an approximate average of US$150. However, if you want to extend your budget a little more and have the option of traveling around America, the warm airs of Nicaragua also have a private island to stay on.

The private island in Granada, Nicaragua
The private island in Granada, Nicaraguaairbnb

A $180 a nightcan be booked an island that includes a house with a swimming poolfull of vegetation and a spectacular view of the mountains. In case of traveling in a group, the property in La Isla Zacatalosa has capacity for six peoplethat they can access the place 10 minutes from the mainland by boat.

Meanwhile, in the American continent there are other options for private islands for rent. Canadafor example, you have two islands advertised at $209 and $320 per night.

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