Dreaming With You: Ayhan abandoned fiction forever

Tuesday, August 2, 2022


A new change will occur in the cast of “Dream about you“, the Turkish fiction of the evenings of phone whose original name is “Early riser“. The novel will lose one of the figures that was present from the first chapter and knew how to win the heart of the fandom: Ayhan.

The character of Osman’s sister and friend of Sanem will leave fiction after the story is outlined for a strong change and break. Until now, her presence has been decreasing in the plot, going from having strength at the beginning to having an almost null role. With the departure of Osman’s character and the subsequent marriage of Leyla and Emre, her profile ended up losing strength and since the production of the story they decided to put an end to it.

At the end of this Monday’s chapter, Ayhan announced that he was leaving and said goodbye to who was like his boyfriend, CeyCey. “I’m leaving, I’m leaving here. I’ll move in with my brother for a while,” said the young woman, who told her employee to sell all the meat and close the store and then hang the “for rent” sign.

“CeyCey you are a really good man but I can’t anymore. Everything that has happened lately has been too much for me. Take care of yourself,” he added to close with a kiss through tears.

In this way, in this Tuesday’s chapter, she will have her last participation in fiction and will say goodbye to the rest of the characters forever.

The day he said goodbye to Sanem

In last Friday’s episode, Ayhan told Sanem that she felt disappointed in love. “I’m tired of seeing that the same thing always happens, I have the feeling that I can do everything I want at any time,” Ayhan launched and then added: “whatever I do, wherever I go, you will always be in my heart.”

In this way he gave the first farewell alone with Sanem although not under the parameters of a last goodbye, something that will take place this Tuesday. In this way, the character will have his way out to follow in the footsteps of his brother and go live with him.


Ayhan is Sanem’s best friend. The girl is outgoing and restless and at the beginning of the story she became the confidante of Sanem and Leyla, childhood friends. She later became a couple with CeyCey but it did not prosper.

As it turned out, the “love” between the two characters also did not generate an impact on the fans of the plot, with which it had ups and downs and disagreements, so the production decided to end it.

The character of Ayhan was played by the Turkish actress Ceren Tasci whose image has surprised fans of fiction in recent times. It is that in the fiction, recorded in 2018, she looks chubby and with an almost careless look. However, today she presents a physique with which she draws the attention of the fandom.

Through his Instagram account, where he has more than 235 thousand followers, he publishes photos of his different jobs but also of his daily life. There he shares images of advertising productions but also taken selfie style. There he looks very different from that of fiction, with several kilos less and a very seductive image.

Ceren is 1.60 meters tall, weighs 65 kilos and is a Gemini. On more than one occasion she had to play someone overweight and one of the most difficult fictions in this regard was in the Turkish series “No 309”. For that character she had to gain weight and even she had to wear stuffed clothes to appear fatter than real.

“There shouldn’t be a criterion of beauty or ugliness in acting,” the actress told a Turkish portal where she explained that even before this latest job proposal she had started a hard job with her nutritionist: “I signed up for the pool, I started go to a dietitian, and just when I was about to lose weight like I should, my phone rang and they said ‘don’t stop, don’t lose weight, even gain weight’ It really happened like that and I said is this the joke of my life ?”.

“I am in love with my work, I play any role that really excites me. If you need to lose weight, I will be thin, if I need to gain weight, my fat will simply excite me. Meanwhile, I am determined,” she stressed, clarifying that if she wants and proposes she can lose weight perfectly

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