Due to oil event, there is no room left in the main hotels in Neuquén

The city of Neuquén is already palpitating the beginnings of Argentina Oil and Gas (AOG) Patagonia, which will bring together the main exponents of the hydrocarbon industry between August 10 and 12 at Espacio Duam, and which has already had a strong impact on hotel occupancy in the capital. From the Municipality they reported that the eight higher category hotels in the city already have all their rooms occupied for a good part of the week. The realization of the Argentina-Texas Summit, on Tuesday 9, with the participation of the North American ambassador in the country, is also added.

diego fellSecretary of Tourism and Human Development of the Municipality of Neuquén, affirmed that the Express, Tower, Comahue, Comahue Bussines, Cyan, Cortijo, Magic and Hilton hotels are already full for the days of event and also for the previous days of this week, since many arrive in advance to prepare and others planned their trip in advance because they did not find flights available for the day of the activity.

The occupation of the previous days is also due to the organization of the Texas Summit, a meeting between the main references of oil and gas in that North American state, a pioneer in the matter, with businessmen from Vaca Muerta, which will be attended by the ambassador of United States, Mark Stanley.

“Neuquén has a good number of flights, but this extraordinary demand meant that many had to get their tickets a day or two before, because the vast majority arrive through the airport,” Cayol told LM Neuquenand added that there are few who arrive by land to be part of the stands and talks at the fair.

The official added that the profile of the guest is that of oil executives traveling alone, or in groups of three or four people. For this reason, the higher category hotels were the first to be occupied and, in most cases,companies made advance reservations.

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“That surprises us because Neuquén receives many tourists who stay without prior reservations and this time we have reservations well in advance,” said Cayol, adding that they also hope that, given the difficulties that some oil tankers have in obtaining accommodation, it is expected that apart hotel and lower category establishments are also completed. At the same time, they consider that the complexes of Cipolletti and other surrounding cities can be occupied.

From the Municipality they also reported that the lower category hotels have 70% of their rooms reserved, which demonstrates the strong impact that the event had on the hotel sector in the city.

The organization of these events linked to the oil activity generates a spillover in other branches of tourism. Cayol estimated that each executive will spend an average of seven thousand pesos a day apart from accommodation, which he will spend on gastronomy and other consumption. Thus, they expect a lot of activity in restaurants and shopping malls.

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Two people enjoy a glass of Saurus Pinot Noir Select together in the vineyards of Bodega Familia Schroeder.

Two people enjoy a glass of Saurus Pinot Noir Select together in the vineyards of Bodega Familia Schroeder.

“For this type of profile there is always an interest in fishing, which is not allowed at this time of year,” said the secretary, adding that, for this reason, the executives leaned towards other recreational activities. “We already have many reservations for circuits through wineries and also for walks along the river coast,” he said, adding that the Municipality will offer tours of the city center.

He clarified that there are few who are interested in paleotourism, since the Villa El Chocón museum and related activities are usually poles of attraction for family groups and not for adults who travel for work, with a tighter schedule.

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