El Noba’s mother was angry at the viral video on her son’s grave: “I did not give permission to film it”

El Noba with his mother, Vanesa Aranda

vanessa arandathe mother of Lautaro Coronel, better known as The Nobareacted to the viral video that was recorded at the grave of his son, who died on June 3 of this year and in which some social network users they assure that the voice of the deceased singer is heard.

“There are things that they show without asking permission and without compassion, like the video that a kid made on YouTube and didn’t ask me for permission. I had to look for this boy and explained to him what was happening. For me it does not correspond neither out of respect for me nor for the 6-year-old girl”, said Aranda in reference to Articlehis granddaughter and daughter of the cumbiero.

“For not being bad, I did not close my son’s niche and you see behind the glass. Supposedly, they say that my son’s voice is heard and it is not. I did not give him permission to film that, it is disrespectful to his daughter and to his entire family. She told me it was a state cemetery, but it’s my son.”, Aranda stated and ruled out the possibility that El Noba’s voice could be heard in the viral video.

Vanesa Aranda, mother of El Noba
Vanesa Aranda, mother of El Noba

He told me it was a tribute and what he did is not a tribute. He would have contacted me to ask me and in any case there we saw what was done. The videos come out with his name, I called him and explained my situation, “added Vanesa regarding the dialogue he had with Egui Sosathe youtuber author of the audiovisual piece in question.

What I want you to understand is that for me it’s not El Noba: for me it’s my son, it’s Lautaro and I explained it well. He has to understand, he told me that they threatened him but I don’t know that, I have nothing to do with it. I spoke to him as a mother”, Aranda closed in dialogue with the journalist Juan Etchegoyen for the cycle miter live.

The Noba He died last June after being hospitalized for 10 days at the El Cruce de Florencio Varela Hospital when he was involved in a road accident. He was 25 years old and had been left in a coma due to polytrauma to the skull that he suffered after hitting the motorcycle against a Peugeot 208 and being thrown from it. The crash occurred at the intersection of Luis Braille and Solís streets, in Varela, and the cumbiero was not wearing a helmet.

A video recorded in the tomb of El Noba in which his voice would be heard went viral

His remains rest in the municipal cemetery of Florencio Varela, and every day there are many fans of the musician who come to leave different offerings at his grave, from flowers, letters, rosaries and even holy cards of different saints. There are also those who come there to ask him for a miracle, to get them a job or even to thank him..

In that context, Egui Sosa He went to the tomb of the cumbiero and recorded a video that went viral in the last few hours. It is that, according to many Internet users, it seems that the voice of the deceased singer is heard in the background. “El Noba, who was a benchmark for Cumbia 420, look: Lautaro René Coronel, El Noba,” says Sosa in the recording that he uploaded to his social networks. As he speaks, another voice is heard saying, “Open up.”.


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