Emotional video: he could not pay for the graduate trip to Bariloche, but his classmates gave it to him

His classmates gave him the graduate trip

In Chajarí, Entre Ríos, a story has gone viral in the last few hours. At the María Auxiliadora Institute, the sixth-year students had a moving gesture with Belén Arbelais, one of their classmates. Since his family could not pay for the graduation trip to Bariloche, the boys pooled the money and gave him the ticket.

The video was uploaded by Delfina Di Pierro, one of the sixth grade students at the school, and it has already exceeded 2 million views and 330 thousand likes. The recording shows the moment of surprise. “With the group we want to give you a gift”, anticipates one of her companions who gives her a small box. Belén, without fully understanding the situation, opens the gift and finds the voucher for Bariloche and is filled with emotion.

The young woman was already considered out of the end-of-year trip. The expenses of the last school year and the economic crisis had prevented him from paying for the trip and accompanying his friends. However, in secret, sixth A and sixth B organized a collection of money that allowed them to raise enough to pay for the voucher.

The emotion of the young woman receiving the gift

It was a free hour, but they told him to go into the classroom. She believed that it was due to practical work that she had to do. Her eyes began to rest on her, some colleagues predicted the cameras of her cell phones and understood that it was something else. At that moment, a colleague handed him a small box. With some hesitation, she opened it and discovered a postcard of the course, all in one photo, accompanied by a message: “Belén, you are going to Bariloche”.

“We’re leaving, Belu!” Wrote her friend on TikTok and the publication was soon filled with comments praising the initiative. “For those who say and think that the kids are lost, they have a class conscience and teach the value of friendship and love”one young man commented.

Other comments were: “Happy trip! Enjoy it! And it’s good that you’re surrounded by the right people”; “Enjoy it, life is beautiful with friends and people who love you, the best for you”, and “This youth is the one with which one is proud to share classes. Congratulations to all!”.

In turn, Ana Paula, the sister of the protagonist, shared the story on Twitter: “My sister did not travel to Bariloche for financial reasons, however, her groupmates decided to give her the trip anyway. Very proud of what a good person she is and also very grateful for the people who accompany her this last stage of high school”.

Given the enormous repercussion that the tweet had, the sister also decided to start a money collection as well. She opened a crowdfunding page for those who would like to make a contribution, with the idea of ​​paying for travel insurance and having some money to take home. In a matter of hours they raised more than 60 thousand pesos.


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