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The journalist Enrique Vargas Peña is enjoying a few dream days in Egypt, after passing through Dubai. The ABC Cardinal, ABC FM and ABC TV journalist said that in his first destination he visited the Burj al Arab, the Dubai Mall and, of course, the Burj Khalifa. While in Egyptian lands he is touring the pyramids and other wonders.

Enrique Vargas Pena chose two destinations: Dubai and Egyptto live some incredible days of relaxation and return with more energy to face the last months of this 2022.

First destination: Dubai

the communicator of ABC Cardinal, ABC FM and ABC TV He packed his bags, took a plane and went to Dubai, United Arab Emiratesto start your vacation. “Dubai is very expensive. It’s all perfect. All great. It must be for these regions of the world what Miami is for our part of the world.. The heat is impressive. The time it takes for traffic lights to turn green is unbearable,” Enrique Vargas Peña told his followers, with whom he shares images and details of his days as a tourist.

And it was so that he also told surprised: “The Pakistani taxi driver asked me my name and my nationality and then connected his radio with ’13 Tuyutí’ and put on one of my broadcasts!!”.

“We visited the Burj al Arab, a jewel of contemporary architecture, and the Dubai Mall, where the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world (830 meters)”, continued Enrique Vargas Peña before leaving for Egypt, where he is at the moment.

Second destination: Egypt

Y from Dubai to Egypt the driver of the first morning managed to make a dream come true. “I was missing the Airbus A380. I’ve already flown on Boeings 737, 727, 707, 777, 787, 747; in the Embraer 190, in the Douglas Dc9 and Dc10, in the Fokker 100, in the Bombardier 200ER, in the Airbus A320, A300, and in several smaller ones that I don’t remember, but I missed the A380. In fact, just to fly on this plane we chose to come on Emirates”, Enrique Vargas Peña confessed to his fans.

“Back to the land of Egypt. To the country of Kemi. Much more time than it should have passed. 29 years was a lot time”, highlighted the journalist about his visit to Egyptian lands.

“Since I came for the first time 29 years ago, as I already told, grew enormously. Huge, uncontrolled, messy. The small airport of then became the airport of now, huge, bigger than many of the most renowned. Its motorway network, the road infrastructure is enviable. It is really superlative. They lacerate the neighborhoods left by the hand of God and descend in an orderly fashion to the neighborhoods of the palaces or the new areas of the wealthy classes,” continued Enrique Vargas Peña.

Enjoying the view of the pyramids

“But you don’t come to Egypt for any of that. And if that bothers you, you better not come to Egypt. To Egypt one comes, it seems to me, to enjoy the view of the pyramids and say that that same view was enjoyed by a hundred or more generations of human beings and that what we see now was the same as what I saw Thutmose III when i visited memphisa sensation that seems insurmountable to me but that is not for those who prefer to focus on the current miseries. That’s my mood when I get to the kemi countrystepping on the Black Earth again. And I plan to enjoy it every second”, wrote Enrique Vargas Peña on his Instagram account, where he also posted postcards of his return to the pyramids after almost three decades.

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