Ernestina Pais broke down in the air after talking about the complicated relationship she has with her sister Federica

Ernestina Pais was surprised when she was asked on the air about her relationship with her sister Federica

Ernestine Country was as a “little angel” invited in the cycle JUSTICEled by Ángel de Brito on the screen of El Trece. During the show program, the host began to cry when talking about her complex relationship with her sister Frederick.

“How are you with your sister, who were always half shot?” The journalist asked him. A little awkward, she replied, “Fine. What question!”. Then, she revealed that they are very different: “That is exactly the issue. It is not a point of confrontation, but it is in the way we face life.”

Ernestina and Federica Pais

In addition, he pointed out that with his sister they lived through a painful situation when their father disappeared in the middle of the military dictatorship. “It was a very dramatic and tragic story that each one lived in a different way. Tragedies are very strong. And when there’s a tragedy involved, don’t underestimate it.” he claimed.

Later, he recalled that with Federica they worked together on a program and had a great time, however, he clarified: “I feel that a tragedy in a family, such as the disappearance of a father, puts you in different places because of the reaction that each has. one”.

Ernestina Pais spoke about the complex relationship with her sister

For her part, the panelist Nazarene Velez recalled when her sister Jasmine died in a car accident: “We were working together at the time. She had come to live at home with her daughter Bianca from her. And she ran away to dance, she was 21 years old, she was an asshole. She went out dancing and showed up at 7 in the morning so I got mad. Typical sister fight. And the next day she died.” After this episode, Barbie’s mother felt guilty because before she died, she did not want to greet Jasmine with a kiss, angry at her behavior of going to have fun without telling her. From that tragic moment, she decided not to go to bed fighting with a loved one, since you never know what could happen the next day.

“For years I had a lot of guilt, mainly because I told him to come live with me, because he was experiencing a situation of gender violence with his partner. Perhaps if she stayed in Puerto Madryn she would have been alive. Later I understood that it wasn’t.” Nazarene stated. Listening to her, Ernestina was moved by her colleague’s story.

It should be remembered that a few years ago trespassers, Ernestina had given details of the moment in which her father was taken when she was a girl: “My old man was taken from a bar on Juan B. Justo and Santa Fe. He was there with the husband of Cecilia Rosetto, who was Following. They took both of them, while they came simultaneously to my house to take everything.”

“I was sleeping and my mother had the balls to hide my father’s agenda that had names of relatives and colleagues under my mattress, so that they would not take anyone else,” he added. Lastly, she stated: “My sister was awake holding my mom’s hand, feeling the tremor in her hand. That is why I say that each one suffered that situation of so much pain. These are things that have not healed yet, and may never heal.”


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