Everyone chooses Pehuenia, because it has the lowest price for skiing and a thousand things to do

According to the data collected by the municipality, the occupation during this week that ended was 80% in Villa Pehuenia-Moquehue. Perhaps its lakes, its forests, farmhouses and roads covered in white, or its Batea Mahuida Snow Park, with the cheapest prices for skiing in Patagonia, make so many tourists choose it this winter.

From the villa, they invite you to enjoy their «A thousand ways to live the snow«. It is that there you can go skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, boat trips on the Aluminé and Moquehue lakes.

“It is a very successful season. We expected it, because we knew that this past week we would have 80% occupancy and the objectives that we had set for ourselves were achieved. People come especially from Buenos Aires, from the province of Neuquén, Córdoba, Santa Fe to a lesser extent,” said Carmen Cordero, mayor of Villa Pehuenia Moquehue.

The Batea Mahuida snow park is managed by the Mapuche Puel community.

When the official is asked what drives so much tourism to the town, without hesitation she replies: «the Batea Mahuida, which is administered by the Mapuche Puel community and they all come in search of snow”, on the other hand, they also pursue the possibility of enjoying “the best gastronomy in Patagonia”, she says determinedly.

The Snow Park this weekend exploded with people. From there, the head of exploitation of the Batea Mahuida, Manuel Calfuqueo said: «There is a lot of snow, it’s been a couple of years since it snowed so much. I think that until October, we will surely have snow, “he commented a few days ago. The storm there did not stop and brought some complications, since since Sunday they are solving a problem in the T-bar elevation medium.

It is unusual for this destination to have so much snow in the first half of July. For this reason, the fact that the town has been painted white so early is a pleasant surprise for the locals, who enjoy it together with the tourists. «There is snow in the complexes, on the streets, tourists are seen enjoying the snow in the center, even before going up to the snow park, “he said.

There are several factors that attract tourists to Batea Mahuida. «Because of the price or the characteristics of the park, we see that they come with children who want to learn to ski. The instructors are neighbors of the Mapuche community and it is very pleasant. When they come as a family and have to pay for a pass, instructor, equipment, clothing, I think they see that it is convenient“, said.

For August and the following months, they expect the tourists of the low season. On September 4, they have organized the K21, which is a race that takes place on snow, and its circuit crosses the Batea Mahuida.

«There are already 600 registered and the season is extended. Now couples, older people who enjoy the park, but also lake activities, such as sailing, rowing that can be done on the lake«, detailed Carmen Cordero.

In this sense, the crossings in winter kayak by Lake Aluminé allow you to experience the snow in another way, with family, friends or as a couple.

Winter trekking is also one of the activities that this mountain village proposes for you to enjoy with routes designed for walkers, explorers and adventure seekers.

Kayaking in winter

How much does it cost to ski in Batea Mahuida de Villa Pehuenia

To enjoy its slopes, the park offers full-day passes in high season for $3,500 and $2,800 in low season. You must add the equipment rental, the full day at $2,100 (high season) $1,900 (low) and about $2,400 for the lifts. If you want to take classes, it will cost you at least $2,000 for one hour (maximum 5 people).

Passes can be purchased online from this year.

The high season will be from the opening until on August 27 and low from August 27 until closing. There are discounts for contingents (more than 10) Retirees and children under 10 years of age, they do not pay a pass. The values ​​are subject to change and there is more information at http://www.cerrobateamahuida.com.

How to get to Villa Pehuenia and Batea Mahuida

Walks around the lake, another way of living the place.

From the city of Neuquen, 370 kmTake National Route 22 to the city of Zapala. In this town you can take Provincial Route 13 through Primeros Pinos in the direction of Villa Pehuenia. From there you travel 118 km, 50 by paved road and the rest by consolidated gravel.

Another option is to leave from Zapala along Provincial Route 46, passing through the Laguna Blanca National Park towards the town of Aluminé, 121 km away. From this point it is 63 km to reach Villa Pehuenia, always bordering the Aluminé River. You should always check the status of the routes before leaving.

For real-time information on the status of routes and access to Villa Pehueniaconsult the Neuquén Provincial Road Administration: Tel: 0810-333-RUTA (7882), Online daily report: Click here

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