Everything I know about Paris I learned from Lola: the addresses of the French capital that no one should miss

Paris guides there are many. That they are constantly updated, much less. And that they are made by a single person who, moreover, is Spanish and is sensitive to the cultural references, preferences and concerns (not to mention the average purchasing power) of travelers in our country, possibly only Lecahierdelola exists. It is the blog of Lola Gea, a Valencian who has been living in the City of Love for 11 years, although her crush, as she explains to vogue.es, it was not instant.

“My story with Paris was far from love at first sight! I went to the French Lyceum in Valencia, and when I finished my studies I decided to settle in France to go to university. At first I signed up in Montpellier, but at the last minute I changed my mind and chose Paris. The first year was very hard, I came across the ‘real’ Paris and the myth of the city in the movie fell apart Amelie. I saw everything black, I cried a lot and I complained about everything (the prices, the climate, the quality of life, the character of the people…). Over the years, realizing that my personal and professional life was being built in the city, I decided to change my mind. I bought a book on the history of Paris to discover curiosities and secrets… And that’s where it all started, because I fell in love almost without realizing it. Today I have an incredible collection of Parisian books and I would have a hard time leaving the city. I’ve been here 11 years already!” Both those who have never been to the French capital and those who think they know it inside out, Lola Gea’s blog and social networks always provide curiosities and secrets that only a true well-informed person. In addition, despite exceeding 27,000 followers on Instagram, this digital cicerone always tries to answer all the questions that her followers ask her. Here are the ones we have raised from vogue.es

What advice do you always give to those who are going to visit the city?

My number one tip is that do not pretend to see absolutely everything soon. Paris is a city a bit cheating, because it has so many things to visit that it is normal for a tourist to want to see it and do it all in a few days. In my opinion, the magic of the city is lost a bit, because you spend more time on the subway than on the street. Better to choose wisely and not run from one place to another! My second piece of advice is precisely to try walk the most possible. Paris it’s not that big as it seems, and on the way you can find shops, restaurants and beautiful places. The third piece of advice is related to the first two: you have to escape from crowded Paris. I know it’s difficult because people come to see the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower. I did it back in the day too! But there are so many beautiful places in Paris that it seems a shame to have to queue for hours to get a selfie with La Gioconda and a tide of people behind.

What are the most common mistakes that tourists make?

Take a hotel very far from the center or a metro stop. Queuing for hours at tourist sites (why go up the Eiffel Tower when you can go up the Montparnasse Tower (with better views, including the Eiffel Tower itself?). To think that you can eat at any time of the day (here the kitchens usually open around 12:30 and close at 14:30). Believing that a taxi can be found anywhere and at any time. Ask for bottled water in restaurants (you have to ask for tap water, a pitcher of water). Do not tip after eating. Fall into the traps of swindlers at the foot of Montmartre. For families with children, thinking that with the pushchair you can travel comfortably (the reality is that the metro and the streets of Paris are terrible). Sit in any restaurant with a view of a monument (you will surely eat badly and very expensive). To think that you can easily park and drive around the city… The list is very long!

A neighborhood to live in, another to stay if you go on a trip and another to enjoy.

To live, he District 17. It is a very familiar neighborhood, full of parks and restaurants, and with an excellent metro connection. To accommodate you, district 9: You can walk almost everywhere as it has many places of interest very close. To enjoy the city, it depends: if you like to go out, the district 11 It is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable and partying neighborhood; if you are more of a leisurely walk, the district 6… History and art are breathed through all its corners.

A store (or more) of clothes, cosmetics, decoration…

Of decoration: Thank you, Empreintes, Fleux, The Conran Shop.

A little of everything: Monoprix, Anthropologie, Galeries Lafayette, Saint-Ouen Flea Market, L’Amour Fou.

Of clothes: Make my lemonade.

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