Everything you need to know about Pre-Trip 3

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The Government will launch next week the third edition of the Pre-Trip program aimed at promoting domestic tourism in the low season, specifically in the months of October and November, and which will add this time the control of the Ministry of Commerce to avoid abuses in hotel prices.

“What this Pre-Trip 3 is basically looking for is this off-season policy in October, November, with an investment from the national State that this time what it is asking for is reciprocity in terms of prices,” said the Secretary of Commerce, Matías Tombolini, in statements to Télam Radio.

He stressed that the Secretary of Commerce will observe that “the industry has prices that are known in order to avoid abuses; the idea is to order prices and thus control to avoid abuses.”

In this sense, he considered that companies in the tourism sector are committed to the conditions of the program “because they have been necessary participants in a successful case in terms of public policy such as PreViaje”.

That there is no abuse in prices “is the objective that both the Minister of Tourism and Sports (Matías) Lammens and the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, entrusted to us,” added the secretary.

“This Pre-Trip 3 what you are basically looking for is this off-season policy in October, November, with an investment from the national State that this time what it is asking for is reciprocity in terms of prices”Matias Tombolini

The Secretariat signed an agreement on Monday of this week with the representative entities of the hotel sector to set maximum rates in the accommodations that participate in the program, and it was established that the accommodations that fail to comply will be excluded from both the third and future editions of the program.

Photo Nicholas Varvara
(Photo: Nicolas Varvara).

Some of the maximum rates that were established to pay for a room based on double occupancy are:
• Villa Carlos Paz 1 and 2 star hotels $5,126, 3 stars $7,298 and 4 stars $15,968
• Rosary beads 1 and 2 stars $5,691, 3 stars $7,427, 4 stars $13,673 and 5 stars $31,335
• Purmamarca 1 and 2 stars $9,367 and 4 stars $22,490
• Party of the Coast 3-star hotels $7,460 and 4-star hotels $14,658.

In this edition, PreTravel can be used for trips that will take place in the months of October and Novemberthat will represent a credit of 50% in the amounts paid in companies, establishments and services attached to the program, with a maximum return of up to $70,000 per personthat can be used in participating businesses until December of this year.

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Photo: Télam Archive.

The president of the Ente Tucumán Turismo and the Federal Council of Tourism, Sebastian Giobellinatold Télam Radio that the PreViaje 3 program “is going to be a success, as were editions 1 and 2.”

“These agreements have been signed with the different entities that bring together private tourism, hoteliers, gastronomy, through the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, Commerce, the Argentine Chamber of Tourism, which leaves us one step away from being able to start working,” said Giobellina.

He assured that the program will be implemented “specifically, well regulated and there are going to be many Argentines who are going to enjoy it from the provision of services and the benefit that remains in the commercial area.”

The program was launched in 2020, as an incentive for the tourism sector, one of the most affected by the outbreak of the pandemic in March of that year.

In its first edition it was used by some 580,000 people, which represented an injection of $15,000 million into tourist activity.

The second edition was more successful, driven by greater transfer and mobility facilities as restrictions were relaxed and the vaccination plan was extended.

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Photo: Télam Archive.

According to reports from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in the second edition some 4.5 million tourists used the Previaje and generated a turnover close to $100,000 million.

The Previaje PAMI version, intended for members of this social work for retirees, which extends the reimbursement of expenses to 70%, was used by more than 400,000 people.

Photo File Tlam
Photo: Télam Archive.

The most chosen provinces

The provinces most chosen by tourists through Previaje were:
Buenos Aires, with 22% of the receipts loaded
Río Negro, with 19% of the receipts loaded
Córdoba, with 10% of the receipts loaded
Santa Cruz, with 9% of the receipts loaded
Mendoza, with 8% of the receipts loaded
Tierra del Fuego, with 7% of the receipts loaded
Neuquén, with 7% of the receipts loaded
Missions, with 6% of the vouchers loaded
Salta, with 6% of the receipts loaded

Meanwhile, the City of Buenos Aires registered 4%, although it was among the first issuers of travelers.

Top 5 destinations

As specific destinations (towns or cities), the Top 5 is made up of San Carlos de Bariloche, Ushuaia, Mar del Plata, El Calafate and Puerto Iguazú, followed up to tenth place by Salta, Mendoza, City of Buenos Aires, Villa Carlos Paz and San Martin de los Andes.

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