EXCLUSIVE: This is how “Tirri” La Roca beat up a fan who attacked his pregnant wife | Chronicle

the cumbia singer Tirri the Rock and your partner Breeze The Rock they went to give a show to Uruguay and a moment of enormous tension was generated that ended in the singer’s brutal attack on a fan, who was left unconscious.

In dialogue with chronic HDthe young artist broke the silence in a chat with Esteban Godoy Vallejos and gave details about the tremendous episode.

The images of the dramatic moment show the referent of the “Cumbia 420” kicking a young woman on the floor in the head.

“Videos went viral that do not show exactly what happened.”, assured the young artist who would have started the conflict with some girls who asked her for a photo in a very bad way. “The girl started insulting me, we didn’t count on it for sure”, Recounted Breeze.

The singer explained that a girl was yelling at her “The c… of your mother, why do you come if you are not going to take pictures”. Moments later he assured that there were two young women who insulted them. “Everyone saw the video of that part and didn’t see the beginning”, he insisted before chronic HD.

Brisa La Roca moments before the fight in Uruguay.

This unusual scene happened in Uruguayafter the presentation of the Argentine artist who toasted last week. It was around 6:30 in the morning and in the first seconds of the viral video Brisa is seen shouting: “They are going to do the piola so much “.

The Bowling Gate”Club” of the Uruguayan town Thirty-three became the scene of the violent fight. Brisa got out of the truck and threw herself at the alleged aggressors.

And after some people dispersed, “El Tirri” is observed brutally kicking a young woman who was lying on the floor. “The kick was not to the head. He was trying to separate. There were a lot of people in the place”, Brisa defended the cumbia singer.

No, the videos are wrong. That’s why I’m going to get the others for the people who are speaking without knowing and judging us”, the young woman insisted when asked by journalists from ChronicleHD.

It is worth mentioning that Brisa warned that she is three months pregnant and that she is “risky” because she lost a baby last summer.

There is a video where you can see that two people grab me and hit me”, She warned about the situation that sparked her and her partner’s anger against the young women. “I am asking for those videos because they serve as evidence”, he remarked.

Obviously we are sorry, we are people. We are not like that, behind this there is a family”, expressed Brisa and completed: “We don’t like to mess around, as they say. we are super professional”.

Meanwhile, the girl who received the singer’s aggression was unconscious and then ended up in a hospital in the area. While the Argentine cumbieros left the place at high speed.

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