Featured jury for the 8th. Edition of the International Film Festival of the Heights

The jury will have the difficult task of choosing the best productions. As for the fiction category, it will be made up of the Argentinean Ana Katz, renowned film and theater actress, screenwriter, director and producer, who, together with the Ecuadorian director and screenwriter Gabriela Calvache and the Argentine director Martín Desalvo, will complete the team that will assess international fiction feature films, to award $400,000 (Argentine pesos) to the best production of the competition. In addition, they will choose the winners of the Andes Statuettes for Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Direction of Photography, Best Acting, Special Mention of the Jury.

The international documentary feature film competition will have as juries the Argentine director Sabrina Farji, the poet and director Alfredo Lichter and the Bolivian filmmaker, photographer and journalist, Alfonso Gumucio Dagron. They will be the ones who decide which documentary will win the prize of $400,000 (Argentine pesos) and the Andes Statuette for the Jury’s Special Mention.

Regarding the NOA Short Film Competition, the actress from Tucumán Liliana Juárez, together with the Jujuy producer Gastón Chedufau and the audiovisual director and university professor from Santiago Lorena Jozami, will be responsible for choosing the best NOA short film that will receive $180,000 (Argentine pesos). and the Special Mention of the Jury that will receive the Andes Statuette.

In the WIP de las Alturas National Competition, the jury will be made up of Argentine producer, director and showrunner Vanessa Ragone; Gabriel Lahaye, producer of audiovisual content and provider of post-production services, and the musician and composer Gustavo Pomeranec from the production company “Pomeranec music and sound”. The WIP jury will evaluate the films in process and will choose the best one to award it $250,000 (Argentine pesos).

As every year, in addition to the official prizes, the institutions that support the Festival also choose their winners to award them. In this edition, the institutions that will award prizes will be:

ARGENTORES (General Society of Authors of Argentina)

Best screenplay of the International Fiction Feature Film Competition. $75,000 and diploma. Jury: Luisa Irene Ickowicz, Graciela Maglie and Martín Salinas.

SAGAI (Argentine Society for the Management of Performing Actors)

“Patacón de Cine” for the best female and male performances in national feature films. The recognition consists of a bronze coin and an amount of 50,000 pesos for each winner. Jury: Germán De Silva, Lautaro Delgado and Mercedes Scápola.

EDA (Argentine Association of Audiovisual Publishers).

Best montage of Argentine film in Official Competition.

An Adobe License valid for one year, a statuette and a copy of EDA publications. Jury: Mariana Durán and Virginia Tournour.

ADN (Association of Independent Documentary Film Directors and Producers of Argentina)

First prize for Best Film in the International Documentary Feature Film Competition. Invitation to the first prize winning film to be part of the 10th Argentine Documentary Film Week. Jury: Ana Fraile, Marcos Rodríguez and Mariano Corbacho.

AADA (Argentine Association of Visual Arts Directors)

Diploma to the Best Art Direction of the International Fiction Feature Film Competition. Jury: Ana Cambre, Luciana Quartarolo and Yamila Fontan.

ACCA (Association of Cinematographic Chroniclers of Argentina)

Diploma for Best Argentine Film in Official Competition. Jury: Guillermo Courau, Juan Pablo Russo and Victoria Duclós Sibuet.

ADF (Authors of Argentine Cinematographic Photography)

Diploma to the Best Cinematography of the International Fiction Feature Film Competition. Jury: Alejandro Giuliani, Fabían Flores and Mariano De Luca.

Diploma to the Best Cinematography of the International Feature Documentary Competition. Jury: Delfina Margulis Darriba, Malco Alonso and Victoria Panero.


BEST SHORT FILM of the NOA Short Film Competition

Exhibition of the winning short films, through the acquisition of their rights without exclusivity and for cultural purposes, on the INCAA screens.


Subtitled in Portuguese together with the invitation to circulate in the non-commercial RECAM circuits, to a short NOA and to a project from the WIP de las Alturas competition.

POMERANEC -Music and sound-

40 hours of sound editing studio with an operator for a national feature film in the Work In Progress de las Alturas competition.


Use of online room and color correction for a national feature film of the Work in Progress de las Alturas competition. Includes backup and DCP. Does not include online operator and colorist salaries. Validity 12 months.


Sales advice to two projects of the Work in Progress Competition of the Heights.

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